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At someones suggestion, to introduce herself, this thread was started. I will start: I was a Camp Nurse in 2000 at a private camp in upstate New York in the Birkshire Mountains. I was there for a... Read More

  1. by   CampMedic
    hello, i wanted to tell fellow camp nurses about a free service called passportmd and as it relates to camp nursing, passportmd is an award winning free electronic health record service started several years ago. is powered by passportmd's software and will include everything that camp nurses outline as important in the health history, including medications, dosages, frequencies, allergies, to meds and foods, shots and immunizations, medical conditions, doctor contact info and even doctor's actual notes..etc etc...users are taken through an easy to use 10 step wizard that builds this information for them and then the user can print it off in a simplified , organized and easily viewable format. we as camp nurses should understand that this is free as it is really a valuable service that is important and that treats all campers and camp nurses equally without a cost issue whatsoever. additionally, this info remains safe and secure and can be accessed online only via password, which depending upon the parents or the camps, if this is a preferred method to retrieve the info, than this can be shared with the camp nurses...
    i am told that the site will be available in 2 weeks with all the summer camp customizations. i wanted to share this information with fellow camp nurses as i am sure they share similar support for our cause, that is providing this type of service for free to campers. as we all care for camper's health and making camp nursing easier and better, i wanted camp nurses to tell their camps or their campers about it, before summer camp. it can be used and created minutes before a camper goes to camp, and i believe, can really make a difference in the life and health of a camper.
  2. by   truRN
    I am taking on a position as camp nurse for a camp based on diversity. I have been an RN since 1977 and have lots of experience, but not with kids. This program has never had a nurse before, so I anticipate having to set up protocols, etc. I have purchased the book on Camp Nursing (can't think of the name). I was wondering about the need for liability insurance.
  3. by   campnurse
    Hi I have been a camp nurse for many years and love it. Working at a co-ed sleepaway camp gives me the opportunity to treat children and staff of all ages. Our camp has 4 RN's and a full time MD. We are 12 miles away from a great hospital. I never feel isolated. Working in an camp is different and exciting, there are no two days alike. There is always something unual happening. I think that sharing ideas and work historys with the other nurses bonds us. We work shifts, but we all always help each other when the need arises. Communication just flows. Camp takes you to another level of work. No cooking, cleaning, planning schedules for your kids, no food shoping and no driving the kids to activites. We have drivers at camp that take the kids to appointments and to the hospital if necessay. I think that anyone who has the time and camp age children should give it a try.My favorite activites are swimming and ceramics and I get to do them daily. It is heaven, call me if you want any adivce. I love to talk about camp. lori 646-670-8944
  4. by   campnurse
    Your job sounds great, where are the camps located? I might like to try it next year. Are your housing provisons comforatable? Can you bring a mate? lor
  5. by   nurse 1000
    I have been a camp nurse for 5 years and love camp nursing, the best part is my kids go for free. The camp is in CT, does anyone work in CT
  6. by   lynswim
    I have been a camp nurse for years, mainly in NC. I just love being outside I don't have kids, but I consider all the campers "mine"!
  7. by   Seemoni
    Hello all. I will be heading to Minnesota this summer to work as a staff nurse at what sounds like an amazing language camp. I worked at camps for a few years during college and have always loved them but not in this capacity and last year I volunteered for a week as a camp nurse to help a friend (the director) out. I'm very nervous and excited. I got my RN license over a year ago and I worked for 6 months in mental health but I decided to take time off and volunteer in Brazil, not as a nurse. I'm finishing up 8 months away from nursing and am a bit anxious about returning. I hope my time at camp will bring back my confidence and give me time to brush up on my skills. After camp I'm going to be tying to get into an ER internship program, I worked as an ER tech and loved it and really want to get back there. I'll be back here looking for some help no doubt, as the summer progresses. Happy tick-less summers!
  8. by   wolochee
    This is year #3 for remote lake camp for coed Camp Fire Camp. Been an RN for 4 1/2 years with broad range of skill sets. Current job as clinic administrator for a medical free clinic. Per Diem camp jobs in summer.

    I love the web site and all the networking with the specialty nursing areas.
  9. by   medanthroNP

    I have been a camp nurse for four plus years, two years at each camp until this summer. I was at the Skylark summer position, but it was very different from previous experiences. I think that this position would be great for a very new graduate who is content to depend on the decision making of the director of the camp. There is an unusal amount of lifting for a summer camp nurse position: On the first day of camp I was handed about 20 sleeping bags to wash, about 5 32 gallon bags of clothes to wash, and then asked to use a professional size mop to mop the Health Center and this continued to be a large part of the job (that I could have done in my younger years, but I found it much to swing the professional size mop). This said, the kids are wonderful and I loved getting the little notes and cards to thank me for my efforts.

    Again, the kids are great and the need for a nurse is real. The camp has previously used EMTs, with a greater dependence upon the director's decisions and this could be a great opportunity for a new nurse graduate. The activities are horse back riding, high ropes, beach activities, and other Girl Scout activities.
  10. by   CareBearnurse
    Hello to all,

    I am about to complete my first year as the only nurse at a Girl Scout summer camp. I'm the only one during my weeks to work, but split the time with another nurse. Our camp averages about 120 campers each week, with a capacity of 180. This is the first year this camp has had RNs for a Health Supervisor position, and we are still working out some issues. While I love the job, I don't think I could do it each week all summer long. I am on 24/hrs a day, no time off, until Fridays at about 4pm, and back on Sunday at 9:30 am. If I've had an unusual amount of night times calls during the week, I'm drained by Friday. So I'm glad to share the time, with another nurse. I will be posting some questions we have about this job to the forums for some help. Glad to meet all of you, and look forward to 'talking' with you.
  11. by   NYC RN

    I am new to this site. I will be working as a camp nurse for the first time this summer. I have been a registered nurse for 25 years. My specialties have been in pediatrics, geriatrics and psychiatry. I look forward to talking with many of you and to get some advice on how to be more effective as a camp nurse. Likewise, I hope to assist anyone in need.
  12. by   Hondamom24
    Is this still an active thread? If so... or if not... Same difference!

    I was a camp counselor for a number of years, in a number of states. Loved camp! Worked as a cabin counselor, then a swim instructor/guard. Grew up, had kids, quit camp stuff, d/t real life.

    Now that my kids are a little older, I decided to get back into it. I've got a Natural Resources degree, so the outdoor world is very comfortable to me. First I was told, the nurse needed "just first aid." Since I was a student nurse, and had "professional first aid" or whatever it's called, I decided to apply. No, they want a "nurse." So they hired a reluctant LPN. Got through LPN school, they decided they wanted an RN, so they hired a *student RN* who was in her 2nd year, and just happened to be related to the camp director... You'd think I'd learn my lesson!!

    This year, they came to me, wanting a nurse, but this summer, I'll be back to school to finish my RN. **sheesh**

    Some day, I'll be a camp nurse. Of course, it'll be after my kids have outgrown camp, and my main reason (to keep tabs on them/be around them/their peers) will be over.

    Haven't given up my dream of being a camp nurse! I still love camp, and teach different outdoor education classes (tracking, skinning, tanning, hiking) to fill my craving!

    Best wishes!
  13. by   30yearsofcampnursing
    Hi,my name is Cheryl, and I am a registered nurse who loves camp nursing. In Camp off season I work in a pediatric unit of a local community hospital and I teach part time in a college for the BScN program (hoping to get on full time faculty in the fall) It will be my 30th summer working as a camp nurse this year and prior to that I had held other positions at different summer camps (including counsellor, director,and everything inbetween). I work in Ontario, Canada, for my 10th summer at my current camp in the Niagra Region. I have been a member of the Ontario Health Care Committee of the OCA for a number of years (which by the way is a great way to keep involved in current camp trends in your area). In April I will be travelling to Chicago for a camp nurse symposium and hope to learn even more! I am trying to put together a list of what every nurse should pack for camp (not meaning first aid supplies in general), specifically tools of the trade like a good pediatric stethascope. Any ideas of a website or list that I could use that would be user friendly for a brand new camp nurse would be appreciated!
    Looking forward to hearing from others soon!