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Camp nurse uniform

  1. 0 What do you wear to camp? I just got hired on and forgot to ask the director what I should be wearing. I assume it's probably khakis and a polo, but I have no idea. What do you guys wear to camp as nurses? Scrubs? Street clothes?
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    Shorts and a staff t shirt. Closed toe shoes. The only other requirement was a green bandana during olympics that designates us as non involved parties, and exempts us from the movement restrictions the other staff have.
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    Whew. That's a relief. I'm going to check with my camp director today but I can't imagine wearing pants all summer at camp, so your experience is valuable.
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    The nurses at my camp pretty much wear whatever we want.... just no hoochie mama clothes
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    I just invested in some skorts and long khaki shorts. I was told that I can and should wear recognizable scrub tops too.
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    I was told I'd be issued a camp staff polo once I'm there. I'd rather wear scrubs to be more recognizable as a medical professional, but not a big deal.
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    Yea we sugested last year that they find a way to make the nurses more identifiable, either a different color shirt. They get genaric STAFF and SECURITY shirts, I sugested that their may be a MEDIC vairent available. I doubt they will change it though, after the first week everyone knows who the nurses are, so its really not a huge issue. Really if i had to choose between that or a complete set of incident command system vests I would choose the vest, really its the thought of a mass casuality or full evacuation of camp that keeps me up at night.
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    Quote from chrissypsychRN09
    What do you wear to camp? I just got hired on and forgot to ask the director what I should be wearing. I assume it's probably khakis and a polo, but I have no idea. What do you guys wear to camp as nurses? Scrubs? Street clothes?
    I manage a staff of 3 nurses. I, too, believe that nurses should have their own identity. My first year here, I bought scrub tops for our nurses, had them embroidered with our logo, the nurse's name, and "Camp So-and-so Nursing" on the bottom line. We wear them during check-in. The rest of the time, shorts & T-shirts. We've had good feedback on this.

    Closed toe shoes and a good hat complete the outfit. Good luck!
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    I might seek out a couple of plain navy scrub tops and get them embroidered with my name, RN and Camp <insert here>. That's a good idea.
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    I just finished my second summer as a camp nurse. I wear my lab coat over "normal clothes" on the first- and last days so that parents can identify me (and kids, on the first day). Otherwise, just regular clothes with a big ol' belt pack stuffed full of band-aids and any other first aid thing I might need immediate access to!
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    Our health care staff is very recognizable by the red "go bags" we all carry. Opening and closing we do wear a lab coat/jacket, but the rest of the time t-shirts are fine. Another caveat is remember to wear something to bed you can jump up and go out in, sweats, track pants, scrubs (although they wrinkle). One never knows what happens at 4AM....
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    would it be weird if i wore scrubs? I want to, my camp director say i could if i wanted to, but i didnt have to. But if i chose not to go with scrubs, what kind of shorts are appropriate. Im working at an all boys summer camp and i mean i have shorts, there not like booty shorts-would shorts be acceptable if they touchd my finger tips when i have my hads at my side? Like is that long enoug? whats an appropriate length
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    I wear shorts and a camp issued t-shirt at camp. I am also at an all-boys camp. Most wear shorts that are about mid-thigh length or so, therefore to your fingertips should be acceptable. It is all up to your director. I also wear capris and sweats depending on the weather which is very unpredictable in Maine. As for scrubs--I wear them all year and welcome the chance to be in street clothes it's camp, not a hospital. No problem being known as the nurse around there when there are so few female staff. Hope you enjoy your summer.