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What do you wear to camp? I just got hired on and forgot to ask the director what I should be wearing. I assume it's probably khakis and a polo, but I have no idea. What do you guys wear to camp... Read More

  1. by   CampNurse1
    You want lots of pockets. Otherwise don't worry about it much. Everyone will know who you are pretty quickly.
  2. by   Alex Egan
    Also a flashlight is endlessly useful. I have mine on me at all times. Shears likewise useful.
  3. by   CampNurse1
    Totally Big Al, though I prefer a headlamp. I have to do a lot of catheters, lol. It's more important what you have in your head, heart, and go bag than what you are wearing. But, I do make sure my nurses look sharp on check-in days. Our campers don't have much separation anxiety, but our parents sure do! I guess special needs is a little different. Good luck to you this summer.
  4. by   arronlpn
    I work at a Boy Scout camp and it is required to wear scout shorts, scout socks, and a scout/camp t-shirt (Normally provide most of them) For dinner and campfires you had to where the shorts, socks, and class a shirt. I always where my name tag per the board of nursing. The other nurse I work with refuses to where hers. Our camp always gives our staff lanyards, which can be a safety/infection issue if you aren't careful which is why I bought a thing to just clip to my shirt.
  5. by   EmJeanRN
    My camp requires white shirt and navy blue shorts or pants for all staff including nurses. I decided to make my shirt unique and I ordered embroidered white polo shirts with a medical symbol and my name embroidered with RN after the name. Each camp has different requirements. Some want uniform while others do not. My camp sends out the laundry to be done for us each week.
  6. by   Oma to 11
    For years I just wore a staff shirt. Now the camp provides me with a red polo with the camp name and camp nurse embroidered on it.
  7. by   CloudySue
    My new camp this year says "wear whatever you want". Of course this is nice, but I kinda like a staff shirt or I think it would be so nice to have scrub tops w the camp logo! Oh, well. I already own "whatever I want".
  8. by   NCmcMan
    I'll tell you what I think would look cool. If they said you could wear whatever you wanted to, I would wear those medic BDU cargo type pants and a polo shirt that had the RN symbol with the snake on it and a pair of Magnum or Rocky 911 black boots. That would be sharp. I probably wouldn't wear scrubs personally, but I can see how you Would appreciate them because they are so comfortable.

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