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Hey everyone! I've applied to a camp nursing position this summer, something I've never done before. It's at a Girl Scout camp, which rocks since I was a Girl Scout myself! The pay and location... Read More

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    Hey, this year will be my 3rd year as a camp nurse and I'm the only nurse at camp. I actually prefer it this way! I put a little board on my door saying where I am if I'm not in the infirmary. I also carry a walkie talkie and counselors will radio me before sending any kids down. That way I'm able to make my rounds through the activities and join in if I wish. The only thing I feel I can't do is any water sports because if there is an emergency I need to be able to run asap! I've spent a lot of time at arts and crafts!! I love being a camp nurse, I can't wait to go back this summer! For "uniform", I wear what ever I want. This usually means a tanktop and shorts for me. I wear the camp staff t-shirt on check-in days with a name tag.
    If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at danacharlee[at]gmail[dot]com
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    Hey Littlewing,

    Have you been to "camp" yet? If so, how was it????

    I am going at the end of the month with my two children, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's been great!!!! Awesome location and a great group of people working here. They haven't had a full time nurse since 2006, so it was a little tricky getting started (I had to throw out sooo much stuff and restock!!!). We had little ones for the first week, and that kept me quite busy. It seems to have slowed down a bit with the older campers being here.

    I think the hardest part for me is having enough confidence. Since I'm only 25, I'm not much of an authority figure and when it comes to health care and stuff, EVERYONE thinks their way is the best. A lot of the staff have been sick; one of our counselors was sick by the second day of precamp and it seems to be going around. Everyone eats together (family style), sleeps in tight quarters, and shares everything!!! To be continued.......I need mroe privacy! haha
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    I'm glad everyone has had a positive experience, but I cannot say it went that well for me. This was my first time ever being a camp nurse at Camp Shane (weight loss camp) in New York. I was so excited thinking I would enjoy some of the activities and lose a little weight. If I'd only known that I would hardly get out of the health center, barely make it to meals and be astounded by the volume of medications these kids are on. There was no medical screening and many inappropriate children were at the camp. Large volume of soft tissue injuries due to excessive exercise in kids that had mostly been sedentary before attending camp, asthamatic kids pushed into attacks with overexercising and kids not allowed to contact family for 10 days who were extremely homesick and creating illnesses such as abdominal pain, headache, fatigued. It looked so fun on the video and all the PR material we received that my son attended as a camper and was absolutely miserable. We couldn't make it the length of time we originally signed on for. Good luck to anyone willing to give this job a try, it will never again be me.
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    I was unable to PM you havent posted enough I suppose. Wondering what your doing now that summer camp is over? Have you relocated? I just accepted a position at Cape Cod Hospital...wondering who is there that I will know.
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    Littlewing, fear not of your age! This will be my fourth summer as the camp nurse and I'm 25. That means I started when I was a wee little 22yr old. Many parents dropping kids off were like.. "wait, YOU'RE the nurse?! You went to college and have your RN license and everything?!" Yeeep. I make a cute nurse, don't I?
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    When I'm a camp nurse (maybe in 2-3 years), my camp name will be CareBear.

    I really am interested in being a camp nurse where my daughter goes - maybe in a few years. If I'm not too old that is.

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    I love camp, my second years as the nurse. I am only going on weekends, and off days do to my job. So my kids will be like the other campers, without mom.