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    Hey everyone!

    I've applied to a camp nursing position this summer, something I've never done before. It's at a Girl Scout camp, which rocks since I was a Girl Scout myself! The pay and location are both great. My only concern is that I would be the only nurse. There are between 30-120 campers depending on the session, and I was told that the counselors take care of minor first aid themselves.

    My only concern is, if I'm the only nurse there, do I have to sit in the infirmary all day long every day? I will have time off between sessions, but I'm unsure of whether I get any time off during the sessions (I'm thinking not). Also, do nurses ever get to be involved in any of the activities, aka bonfires and things like that? Thanks!!!!!

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    You probably won't get any time off during that session. One problem with being the only nurse is that if a child is vomiting all night or up with a fever, you still have to work the next day. I would take a walk everyday to get out of the infirmary but carried a radio with me (cells phones may not work at the camp) and someone would pick me up in a Gator/Golfcart if there was a problem Sometimes I'd go to the bonfire and participate in camp activities but when I showed up kids would "remember" they were sick or needed a bandaid and I'd end up walking back to the infirmary with them.
    Take some books, and hope they have internet access. You might be able to take an online class while you are there.
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    I applied to a camp (1st time) in No CA and am waiting for a final phone interview this coming week.
    I would work in exchange for my two children to be able to attend for the two weeks with me.
    I would also be the only RN along with 2 EMT's. I'm a little nervous but excited at the same time.
    The Director told me that I would get some time off (have to ask exactly how much) and I would also be able to have a walkie talkie.
    This camp is really awesome.
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    I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!! The interview went great and they offered me the job at the end of it! So excited. They said I'll have 2 hrs off per day and then 24hrs off each wk. sounds good to me!

    I've got a random question: What do you wear as a camp nurse? Any tips would be great too!

    PS. Good luck muffin!
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    CONGRATS LITTLEWING!!!!! Where is your camp?

    I did get an email from the director of the camp today saying "we are a go." When I talked to her last week she was going to check my references and let me know today. I am so excited. She also said that she would call me tonight.

    I am waiting to tell my children atleast until I talk to her. They will be so excited. I figure since the job market is so bad, I might as well do Home Health and go to camp with my kids. This camp sounds amazing.
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    I was so excited that I forgot to answer your question.

    I don't know what we should wear. I would guess anything comfortable, but I'm not sure. I guess you should ask the camp director.
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    At the camps I work at we wear anything that is comfortable. At some camps, people have "camp names". I have been Nurse Ratchet for years. The kids don't know the reason behind my name, but the parents get a good chuckle from it!
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    awsmom8, Can you give any other insight into camp nursing that we could use. I am sooooo excited, but at the same time it is a huge responsibility. I am assuming that at my camp the kids are pretty healthy, but you never know.
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    I've been trying to think of a good name! If I can't think of anything then its gonna be littlewing! haha Thanks for answering my clothes question...that's very good because I have a lot of comfy camping clothes!!!

    The directors at the camp are all in their 20's (as am I) and seem super nice!! I think it's going to be a blast! The camp is on Cape Cod in Mass. It's pretty perfect- I lived there for a couple of yrs and my fiance grew up there. I need a temp job until we're sure of where we will live.

    The directors also told me something comforting: they have alot of support from a local clinic. So I'm not totally stuck with the decision of hospital or treat at camp. Oh, and an experienced camp nurse will come the week before camp starts to help me organize. I'm sooo excited!

    PS. Any advice on a non-hospital job for after? I'd love to do school nursing, but I think you need a BSN in Mass (I have a BS &ADN) I'm thinking maybe try a peds office?
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    How awesome to be in Cape Cod, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know if they are looking for RNs at any other times during the summer. I am already booked for July 26-August 8th.

    Let me know, or if you have their address I can email them myself.

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