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A Summer at Camp Kweebec

  1. 0 I spent 5 yrs as Camp Nurse here....15 yrs later after reading this story having pangs to return. Finally air conditioned the infirmary. I was lulled to sleep each night by sound of basketballs as court right outside infirmary front door--along with minature golf, Gazebo, and walled hockey rink that my youngest learned to ride bikes inside. His birthday was at camp first 5 years, always had a Pinata in Gazebo. Was so upset that first home party missing pinata, DH ran out to buy one, a tradition that lasted till he was 16. Karen

    A Summer at Camp Kweebec

    Our writer grabs a bunk at one of Philly's most iconic camps to see the epic, high-emotion moments that defined life at summer camp for generations.

    Philly Magazine
    July 2012

    By Don Steinberg
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    I live about 45 minutes north of this camp. Any idea if they hire LPNs? I'm really trying to stay closer to home this year!
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    They have primarily used RN's at camp and are looking for 9 week committment. One can submit online applications at most camp websites.
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    Just read this, nice story. Never been there but I attended Camp Deep Creek in Pa. Been a camp nurse for 5 years.

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