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Hi all! I thought I would be good to start a thread where you can post who you are and where you will be working in the 2012 season. My hope is to get in touch with other nurses that will be attending my camp or nearby camps, and... Read More

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    No I don't think so, ours is Traidwinds in Ny

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    My name is Robin and I will be the Health Director at Kamp Kiwanis in Taberg, NY this summer. This will be my fifth summer - I did three summers as an LPN, went back to school for my RN and then worked there last year and will again this year. It is a great place, I love the staff and all of the campers.
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    Hi everyone! I am a new grad and I'll be working 3 weeks as a camp nurse at Camp Quinipet on Shelter Island, NY. I'm excited and a little nervous! My kids are really looking forward to it. Any words of wisdom for me?
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    Hi, All... My name is Faye, and I am working at a church camp in south central PA. I am the second nurse on site, I am an LPN, and the other nurse is an older RN.

    I had major cancer surgery on my knee in March, so in a way it is good, that I am only responsible for 30 campers =/- and can sit on the couch with my foot up most of the time.

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