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Hi everyone! Who else has applied and does anyone know by when will they start to contact us for interviews? This would be my last chance to get into a new grad program, otherwise I would have to... Read More

  1. by   marianashines
    thank you for responding!!!

    It gives me hope!!! I will keep everyone updated even if i don't get an interview i will still let everyone know
  2. by   ashleyrosesf
    Interesting that White Memorial (being in LA) has the same pay as SJCH in Bakersfield. :-P (Except you start off at $29.46 as a base there in their new grad program, with 10% differential for nights and weekends.)
  3. by   studentareNvn
    Hello..does anyone know how long after receiving the questionaire must the answers be submitted?
  4. by   alib_xox
    Quote from studentareNvn
    Hello..does anyone know how long after receiving the questionaire must the answers be submitted?
    I don't think there's a time limit, so the sooner the better probably. I thought I remembered reading that the questionnaire would be "graded" on content as well as promptness of turning it in.
  5. by   studentareNvn
    thanks for the quick response!
  6. by   alib_xox
  7. by   lizzyxpooh
    Thanks, RNurse7-

    That's good to know! Thanks for sharing about your friend who was a new grad there.

    So the educator and staffing on the floor are very supportive? How high are their expectations for us new grads? How long is preceptorship again? I forget with all these applications. lol.

    Im asking bc some hospitals will drop you in a beat if you're not top notch. :/

    As long as we get the support, Im all for it!
  8. by   RNurse7
    Lizzyxpooh: From what I've gathered from my friend, she is very pleased with the new grad program at White. She is in the ICU and says that all of the staff and the unit manager are all very nice and supportive of the new grads. She also mentioned that new grads on other units seemed pleased as well. From what I've gathered from talking to my friend, the expectations of the new grads are pretty reasonable. The preceptorship is 18-20 weeks depending on the unit you get hired on. I don't think White is the kind of place to drop new grads in a beat, they really value commitment to their hospital and would most likely work to support a new grad before getting rid of them
  9. by   lizzyxpooh
    Good to know! Thanks!

    Fyi- Hoag in Newport will drop you in a beat. They write you up for anything and everything. If you dont cap the Iv lines right - written up. Perk at your phone, written up.

    Its very professional and i support that- but there is no mercy there. New grads have a low survival rate, and you have to be good looking to work there. Just a heads up
  10. by   stephiem
    Has anyone heard anything or gotten an interview? I submitted my questionnaire soon after receiving it...I think I was the 3rd group. Haven't heard anything yet!
  11. by   neenarn
    I was in the first questionnaire group, sent my completed questionnaire back on April 9th, and still haven't heard anything - not even confirmation that it was received. Wish this wasn't such a long wait!
  12. by   JMart83
    I did my preceptorship at White and on my floor there was a mix of BSN and ADN new grads mostly from APU or Rio Hondo. Everyone was super supportive of the new grads and even me (even though I was just a random nursing student @ the time ). The new grads mostly worked nights and the expectations of them were very reasonable. They were all very bright and the vast majority of them I interacted with would not have stuck out to me as "new nurses" because they were confident. All in all White is an amazing place to start out at because they are really invested in helping their new grads build a solid footing. Good luck to everyone hope we hear something soon!
  13. by   kdawsonRN
    i emailed the recruiters asking about when we could expect to hear from the hiring managers and if selected for interview how many days do they give us to schedule a time to get out there (for those of you who are coming from far away).... will update everyone if i get a response back