White Memorial- RN New Grad 2013 - page 15

Hi everyone! Who else has applied and does anyone know by when will they start to contact us for interviews? This would be my last chance to get into a new grad program, otherwise I would have to... Read More

  1. by   RNurse7
    The CCU is a Critical Care Unit at White)
  2. by   kdawsonRN
    have the people who received the questionnaire last week and this week .... heard back from anyone yet about interviews? I am guessing I will receive it next week!
  3. by   SandyMickey
    I turned in the questionnaire last week and haven't heard anything since then. Not even a confirmation that they got it
  4. by   RNurse7
    I haven't heard anything yet either and I turned my questionnaire back in the same day they sent it out...
  5. by   kdawsonRN
    if anyone gets the questionnaire this week please post! I have been checking my email like crazy...wonder if it is a specific date they will send it out
  6. by   db2xs
    I still haven't received my questionnaire. All good things comes to those who wait?
  7. by   RNTin07
    For those that submitted questionnaires last week have you heard back yet?
  8. by   ner214
    Quote from christinejoy_d
    For those that submitted questionnaires last week have you heard back yet?
    Nothing yet :/
  9. by   marianashines
    I haven't received mine either =(
  10. by   SandyMickey
    Nada over here
  11. by   RNurse7
    From what I understand this is pretty typical for the white Memorial hiring process. My friend who is in their new grad program now said that she applied last September...didn't here anything from White until the end of November (when they scheduled her for a panel interview) and then wasn't scheduled for a unit interview until December. Anyways I hope this lessens some anxiety about not hearing back yet
  12. by   alib_xox
    Still waiting on my questionnaire I just want to turn it in so I can stop checking my email q15min! Haha
  13. by   klarity
    Omg me too! My email put a restraining order against me for stalking it ! I just want my bloody questionaire :-)