What are the average point value in getting into grossmont or san diego city college? What are the average point value in getting into grossmont or san diego city college? | allnurses

What are the average point value in getting into grossmont or san diego city college?

  1. 0 Hello everyone! I have been overly obessed on the thought of getting accepted into a nursing program. I need to figure out what everyone received in points- based on the point system grid, so I can judge where I stand at currently. How many points did you receive to get accepted into these nursing programs?

    I am looking to apply this July for spring 2014 program. I only have one class left (microbio) and I need to take the TEAS exam(which I have been studying for a couple of months now), which I plan on taking in June.

    I am estimating, if i get an A in microbiology--I will have a score of 3.77 on the prereq (B+ in anatomy,A in physiology and A in microbiology)
    -3.86 in the "fixed set" (A in everything but sociology=B+)
    -10 points forallied health certificatiion & work experience
    -4 points for hardship point (i.e military,1st gen,need to work etc.)
    -TEAS V-- guestimating 35-40 points----knock on wood!

    Overall, my total points that I am looking at is between 77-82pts. Please help me and let me know if I have any hope in getting in with this or things I should do? Thank you so much for your time with this! As most of you know, this stuff is stressful--it is to the point that I am getting gray hairs and I am only 25!

    Thanks again :-)
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    i got 79 points and applied twice to grossmont. both times i got denied. tough program to get into.

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    I am applying to the same cohort as you are actually. Taking my TEAS next week, yeah cutting it close. My points will actually be between 73-78 depending on my TEAS so I'm curious too and the omarsraver makes me feel like I'm not going to get in. If I don't get in then I'm going to take O Chem and apply to SDSU, which I feel like I would get into because I will have 1000 hours of CNA work by Jan next year and I can take the TEAS a second time. Did you already turn in your nursing packet? We should keep each other posted.
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    Hey! Sorry that it took me forever to reply! So this weekend I finally took the TEAS exam and I definitely messed up on it. My overall score is 73%. I am so embarrassed and devastated. I thought I was going to get a score of at least 80%. If you have not taken the TEAS exam, then my best advice is to watch your time! I did really well on the math, science and grammar sections, but the reading was were it bit me real hard. I didn't finish that section and guessed on maybe 15 questions. It was horrible. Anyways, now I am screwed to say the least. I did not apply for Grossmont because one of my science pre reqs was taken online (micro). So now I am applying for Mira Costa, San Diego City, Santa Ana, and San Bernardino. I just want to get into a nursing program, but it seems impossible. If I don't get into a Nursing Program then I am doing the same thing as you; I am going to take O Chem and apply for a BSN. Why does this have to be sooooo freaking tough! Please keep me updated with your progress. I really hope you are having better luck :-)
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    Is there anyone on here that is in a nursing program in san diego? if so what was your score on the application? and what school did you get into? thanks
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    Anyone in here or reading received an acceptance email from Grossmont college yet? I applied this July 2013 for the Spring 2014 cohort. Adele82, did you end up applying for last month (July) application period? Jessicabondurant21 are you planning on applying? I will estimate my points and let you know as soon as possible. Goodluck DinaLin! I know exactly what you're going through. You can do it!
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    I believe the first round of emails went out on Friday. Make sure to check your spam folders. I have another friend who applied and she got an acceptance email on Friday.
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    Yes, long2beanurse, right after my above post I checked my email, and sure enough, there was an acceptance letter from GC. Boyyy was I grateful to the Lord. I had no plan B,C....whatsoever. Assuming there are other GC student in the NP visiting this forum, beside orientation in "November" what's next? What can one do to prepare for the first semester or the whole NP in general? I hope to hear from y'all soon. Thanks
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    That is fantastic news, Moiredgirl! I hope to one day experience that excitement... What was your total points if you don't mind me asking?
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    Long2beanurse, did you apply as well? How many points do you have?
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    So, I had a rough morning. I got an email stating that I wasn't accepted because my Dr. did not correctly fill out the immunization forms. After calling and speaking with the dean I was told that they had already filled all the seats but if I bring in the corrected paperwork tomorrow then they would allow me to take a seat if someone doesn't accept theirs. Also if everyone does accept their seat then I would become an alternate. My points total to my calculations was 72.
    5 pts-CNA
    20 pts-3.88 pre-req gpa
    8 pts-3.66 "fixed set" gpa
    35 pts- teas
    4 pts- extra pts
    I was told that my point total was only 70 though so I guess I didn't get all the "extra pts"
    The cutoff from what I was told was below 70 and I would have automatically had a seat if my paperwork didn't have an error. Hopefully someone decides to not go to Grossmont or someone drops out :/.
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    Oh no! That's horrible! Well if it makes you feel any better...there WILL be people that will not accept an invitation. That is usually due to the fact that they applied to other programs (i.e N.U, SDSU, San Marcos..) and were accepted to those, which then will lead them to pick that program over Grossmont. That is just one common scenario. I am sure you will get in. Just make sure you get that immz paperwork straightened out ASAP! Keep us posted!
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    Worst case scenario; Grossmont does not work out, then apply for San diego city college. Or even Palomar (they are not waitlisted anymore).