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  1. 0 I am looking into west coast university for their BSN program. It's a 3.5 year program including your pre requisites. Right now I currently go to sjvc and am getting my general education done there, except the micro, a&p, and patho. What I want to know is what are ye pre reqs for this program? For the general Ed that is. And for anyone who knows about the school or who has gone there, is the 133,000$ worth going there and what are the payments going to be like after graduating.
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    Sorry about the typo, it's west coast university.
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    There are posts about WCU on the site. Do a search and you can read what people have posted already, in addition to whatever responses you get on this thread. Personally, for that kind of money, I would expect to have made a substantial down payment on a home.
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    moved to CA state nursing programs forum to elicit further response
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    You can find better schools for less. $133,000 for a BSN? That's ridiculous.
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    I heard you will end up paying like 2,000 a month after. Or something close to it. Not worth it. That's a home. Seriously. I got in but the price smh. No bueno. I decided to do a waitlist and was only on for 3 semesters. :-) So basically I waited 2 semesters.
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    Here's a general rule of thumb that most students would be wise to follow: never borrow more money for school than you can reasonably earn during your first year of working in your profession.

    The Southern California nursing job market is not what it used to be due to the state's economic situation, and you cannot reasonably expect to earn $133,000 during your first year of nursing unless you worked two full time jobs. However, new grads in southern CA are struggling to land that prized first job.

    I would think twice before doing this. However, the decision is ultimately yours. Good luck to you!

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