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  1. hi, i am currently an lvn working full time graveyard. i would like to go back to school for my rn. im considering 30 unit option because i plan to stay at my current job. many of my co workers are doing the college network and then transferring to indian state university online. i don't qualify for federal loans.

    does anyone know the 2012 wait list for rn programs in la county. i have seen many old post and i have a 18 yr sister who is also wanting to apply for the an rn program. so many community colleges say different things to different students.

    does anyone one know of any short waiting list in ca.
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  3. by   LiLev
    I live in San Diego and I'm pretty sure its the same as L.A. in that all of the State Funded (meaning community college and CSU's) have done away with the waiting list. The new system is a point system based on your GPA, GPA for Science classes, TEAS score, and a couple other things like previous degrees, foreign languages, and work experience.

    The good news is if you have high points you don't have to wait, you can apply for entrance the very next cohort. The bad news is if your points are low you need to try re-taking classes, tests, and getting other experience to try and boost your score enough to get accepted.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   stodeee
    Unfortunatly, a lot of those schools are doing the lottery system as well. No matter if you have a C-average or an A-average...your chance of getting in is the same as everyone else. Also, many schools are giving priority to their own students (for example, you get priority if you have at least 19 units completed at that school). That's how my school did it...but there were over 300 applicants that had over 19 units there and only 50 slots. Hmm...
  5. by   justinpark09
    SANTA MONICA COLLEGE. They say 2-3 semesters waiting , but most of ppl have to wait at least 2 years.
  6. by   willowita
    Santa Monica College is the only school in the area that I know of that still does a waiting list. Most others in the LA area will either admit you or deny you. If you are denied, you have to reapply in the next application period. They won't keep you on a waiting list. You can find the CA approved school list from BON here: Board of Registered Nursing - RN Programs

    I know you're interested in the 30-unit option, but for a few prereq's more, you can apply to a 1 year LVN to RN program that grants you an associates degree instead of a diploma. As I'm sure you know, the 30 unit option can limit your career opportunities outside of the state if you ever move outside of California. Getting an advance degree may also be problematic depending on the school. You should definitely discuss the pros and cons with an advisor in the nursing department of the school you are considering. They're pretty straight forward about the limitations.

    If you're worried about money, then you can continue to work. A lot of people continue to work either full time or part time. You'll have to figure out a schedule that works for you but you don't have to completely quit your job to go back to school. And you can't be completely certain that you don't qualify for loans unless you have reached your lifetime limit. Even if you think that you make too much money, Federal unsubsidized loans may still be an option because they are not awarded on the basis of need. You may also qualify for grants if this will be your first degree, which you don't have to pay back, and the public community colleges in California also offer the board of governors fee waiver, which will pay for your school tuition. Going back to school can seem overwhelming and scary, especially financially, but there are lots of programs and options available to you. It doesn't hurt to apply.

    Good luck!
  7. by   Keekeenursie
    Antelope Valley college. 3 semester wait for me. You need anatomy. Physiology, microbiology and English comp. They say 3/4 semester wait but I applied and waited only 3. Ppl dropped off the list and passed. :-D I'm so excited. Check them out. They are considered LA county.