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does anyone plan on applying to the program? in the original post on this i mentioned: "hey guys, i just left the nursing career fair at the convention center in los angeles and met with... Read More

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    A few people on the CA New Grad RN facebook page have commented that they have been called for an interview or received an email about an interview- One person said they thought the interviews would be going from August 27- Sept 7
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    Yeah I got the email that said they would call me for an interview, but no word yet... has anyone else been called?
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    So I'm thinking I'm realistically out of the running if I haven't heard anything by now? I haven't technically received a rejection email but I haven't received any calls or emails regarding interviews and given that I believe the program starts in early october which is right around the corner, i'm thinking i would have been contacted last week or so if they were interested. I'm so bummed, I really wanted the chance to interview!
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    Sad news guys. I just spoke with the recruiter from USC. She said that they have already picked the people that they will be interviewing.

    The process is the following:

    They look at your GPA + the school you graduated from.
    If they can't find enough people from that pool then they start looking at the rest.

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    Thanks for letting us know!
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    Got the rejection email today at 7pm. So sad
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    Just got my official rejection letter. Anyone know who we should contact for feedback on our application and how we can improve it for next time?
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    got my rejection 7:17pm.. i was hoping.. goodluck to all those still in the running! Go get em you guys!!!
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    Quote from newgrad0507
    Yeah I got the email that said they would call me for an interview, but no word yet... has anyone else been called?
    How's your interview? Which dept. did you choose? When will the decisions be made? How many are they hiring on this Oct. cohort?