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Hey everybody, I didn't see a thread yet for the Summer 2013 cohort for USF Masters Clinical Nurse Leader Program so I decided to make one. The application deadline is coming up and figured it... Read More

  1. by   consssss
    Hi sengcreative. To respond to your question, I've volunteered at a few places for varied amounts of time but I had not had any paid clinical experience. But as far as I can tell from going to info sessions, it is a plus to have some sort of healthcare experience when you're applying to schools. If you don't, it may be particularly useful to have worked in some other field that involves working with people and serving the underserved. In my opinion, any experience is useful as long as you can relate it back to the role of nursing and how those experiences will help you in the future.

    I'm sure they look at applications as a whole and if you're lacking in some parts of the application, try to make up for it with other outstanding parts.

    Good luck.
  2. by   Melanin
    Me too - no paid experience, but I volunteered at a clinic for a couple of years.
  3. by   CynCyn26
    I have volunteered for various hospitals back when I was in college a year ish ago, now I have been working for a cardiology clinic in SF chinatown for close to a year. I really learned a lot working here because we work with a difficult population of patients whose average age is at least 82, many of whom are monolingual in Chinese. Also there is an MD, NP, and a PA working here, and the PA taught @ Stanford for many years, so I definitely learned a lot working with them, not to mention recommendation letters =D
  4. by   sengcreative
    Thanks for your response, makes me a feel a bit better.

    Anyone hear back yet?
  5. by   Tweety2013
    Nope. I have not heard back yet. Next week would be week 7 since we turned in out application.Do you think we will hear back by next week or on week 8?
  6. by   sengcreative
    Hi Tweety2013,

    I was really hoping to hear this week, I'm so anxious about this. x_x... I want to know!
  7. by   Tweety2013
    Hi sengcreative,

    I also hope they tell us this week..I am so nervous about the decisions.
  8. by   lolibear
    I'm also really anxious to hear back. I am all the way from San Diego and would have to make a lot of changes as far as my living situation and work in a short amount of time if I get in. Nonetheless, I'm excited to hear the decision! Also, to answer the question about previous experience, I have worked as a CNA for the past two years: one year in a nursing home and the second year in the hospital as a floater.
  9. by   jaytphan
    Alright anxious and nerve wrecking people!!!

    I called in and spoke with a lady from the nursing department, and she said that letters should be sent out in two weeks! They initially wanted to get them out by this week (6 weeks from the deadline date like they said), but they are still reviewing applications!!! Sorry all, we have to wait it out two more weeks, hopefully!
  10. by   Tweety2013
    Thank you jaytphan for contacting the nursing department for updates! Two more weeks seem
    Like forever.....
  11. by   scwolf
    Ditto, jaytphan, thanks for the update. That's very helpful. Two weeks! Yikes. And sigh.

    In the past, they phoned those students who got in. I wonder if they will do that again this year. Hm. Well, I guess we will all just have to wait and see.
  12. by   Melanin
    Ugh, two WEEKS?!? Sigh.
  13. by   alyssag24
    Hey guys so I have been emailing back and forth with one of the admissions counselors. (Some of my transcripts weren't very viewable). Anyways I asked her after it all went through when we should hear back about out acceptances or rejections. She said they are still reviewing apps and that they hope to get letters out by the end o April!!!! Ugh I hope it's closer than that!!!