UCSF Residency 2010

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    Has anyone who applied to the 2010 UCSF RN residency program heard back from HR?

    Just curious.

    Best of luck.

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    I applied to 4 of the units listed. I haven't heard anything. I did read in a different thread that one person got an email on June 2, inviting them to a panel interview.

    good luck!
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    I also haven't heard anything back. From a previous thread, it was mentioned that applicants were to be contacted in "early June", which is now-ish? Hopefully more emails/phonecalls will go out.

    Best of luck!
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    Hey there!

    I did get an email and have been invited to a panel interview for next week. I also talked to another friend of a friend who just had her panel interview a few days ago. They told her they would contact her within a week to let her know about their decision. According to the email I got, it seems like the unit that is interviewing me has already contacted all the applicants that they want to call for an interview and they will spend one day interviewing people.

    Has anybody else had any luck with getting an interview at UCSF? If so, can you share your experience?
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    For those that received emails for interviews, what floors will you be interviewing for tomorrow?
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    I just know that interviews are going on right now up to the 25th. I got an email saying there were over 700 applicants for 16 positions and hiring decisions will be made by the end of the month. If you don't hear anything from HR by the end of the month, you can make the assumption you were not selected for an interview.

    sim007, do you mind sharing which unit you will be interview for and where your friend interviewed at?

    Best of luck, everyone!
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    Just curious if anyone who has interviewed already has received an acceptance or denial yet. I'm so nervous, my interview was last Tuesday and the wait is brutal.
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    had an interview, it went as well as I ever could have hoped for yet I got a phone call two days later saying I was not selected.

    best of luck
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    Got hired! God is good.
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    Hi Westmidwest,
    I am sorry to hear that UCSF did not work out for you. I too felt that my interview went well, and am supposed to hear back by the end of this week (which is tomorrow). The wait is killing me but now i'm wondering if they already contacted the people who they will hire since soldieroflove already got a call and she interviewed for the same unit. Would you mind sharing which unit you interviewed on? You have to keep your head high and know that there is something out that that is for you

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