UCSF NEW GRAD RN Training Program!! 2012 - page 5

Hello ALL!! I am starting this thread to keep everyone informed as to the process at UCSF 2012 New Grad Training Program. Good luck to everyone applying! Hope we all hear some great news soon! :)... Read More

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    Quote from amm1225
    It stands for Intensive Care Nursery (you can Google these things, btw ). I didn't think they were going to make phone calls until July at least, but that's awesome.
    Lol yes I know. But I got a bunch of responses as to the acronym meaning so I wanted to be sure!

    Good luck to your friend

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    Quote from loma510
    My friend got a call for an interview for ICN
    This week, I'm assuming? Now I'm nervous!
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    Quote from kv07

    This week, I'm assuming? Now I'm nervous!
    I'm crossing all fingers and toes!!! Hopefully we will hear a yay or a nay by next week?!?
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    She got a call Thursday afternoon
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    Quote from loma510
    She got a call Thursday afternoon
    Is she licensed already? Or lives in the bay area? Or perhaps has experience? Thanks.
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    I know someone who got a call from peds hem-onc. As for me, nothing yet. Patiently waiting & keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Can anyone remember what units we were eligible to apply to... I think there were 3 units. But yeah, waiting patiently as well.
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    Seems like Peds is moving along....anything from the adult units?
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    Hey there,
    Just wonderin gif your friend is connected at all to UCSF? Did they tell her why she as selected for an interview? Thanks so much!
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    All I know is that she works there. They could be calling internals first.

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