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  1. by   AZWildcatRN
    I would agree with persistancepays! I also applied 3 times before getting hired at UCSD. The first two times I applied I didn't even make it to the departments to be considered for an interview. The last time I applied which was in October 2012, I had been working as an RN in Arizona for 3 months, volunteering as an RN before landing a job, obtaining certifications, and joining different nursing organizations. Most of the nurses that I was hired with have had some experience as well in the health field. Even during my interview the Nurse Manager informed me that they look for individuals who are being proactive and doing things to better themselves as health professionals. My suggestion would also be to obtain some experience elsewhere before revisiting UCSD but don't give up hope either... it took me 3 times to apply and land a job here and it was definitely worth it! Good Luck with your job search.
  2. by   illsince83
    interviews are taking place this up and coming week
  3. by   MsK,RN
    For the Thornton IMU position I applied to in mid March I just noticed that my status changed to "Referred to Hiring Department 04/26/2012" so I guess they're still hiring? They also opened up more positions on this unit with the new batch of new grad postings this week...
  4. by   4lotus8
    They're doing interviews this week. So fingers crossed.
  5. by   persistancepays
    Quote from SoCloseRN2B
    They're doing interviews this week. So fingers crossed.
    On small piece of advice from someone who went through the interviews twice..On the first interview I totally "blew" a question and know it before I even left the interview so I was prepared the next time. Now I have now been working at Thornton since Aug. in oncology and love it.
    If they ask a question about how you would deal with a problem with another nurse be sure you explain how you would speak with the nurse and try to work things out. It is only a very last resort that you go to the charge nurse. Also I had a question "what if a nurse had taken photos of a patient, what would you do" Obviously you would tell her/him it is inappropriate but they want to hear you say that you are the patient advocate and it is up to you to look out for the patients rights.
    Just be sure to relax and be yourself. They really want to get a feel for your personality to see if you are a fit for their floor. Good Luck
  6. by   xinemay
    Question: After 8 months of experience elsewhere, did you apply to a UCSD new grad program? Did they still consider you a new grad after 8 months experience? Did you get that application question-- 'do you have more than 6 months RN experience?'? I wonder if that's a new or even applicable question. Just wondering. Thanks.
  7. by   persistancepays
    No, once you have more than 6 months experience you can apply to any open position that you are qualified for. I didn't know that until I called and spoke with HR because I didn't know what to apply for. If you get hired into a position, you will still go through an orientation period, which is a modified new grad program. I don't remember that particular question, but I know if you have more than the 6 months, you cannot apply for the regular new grad position. When I was told what to do, I found a position that week and applied to it, had an interview by the end of the week and started working that next week.
    Good Luck!
  8. by   RN_518
    Hi AZ. I would love to work at UCSD. Thanks for your tips. What organizations do you recommend joining?
  9. by   AZWildcatRN
    Any organizations you want to join. There's plenty! I am interested in working with moms and infants so I joined AWHONN (association of women's health and neonatal nursing). There's SCANN too which is Southern California Association of Neonatal Nursing. I'm sure if you just do a google search of the area your interested in something will pop up. Good Luck!