UCSD May 2012 New Graduate RN positions

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    Just wanted to start a thread for UCSD's New Grad RN Program.
    Feel free to post any updates or news.
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    anybody's application change to referred to hiring manager?
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    my status changed to referred to hiring department.
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    Mine did as well.
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    Me too
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    me too.
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    What units?
    Let us know when you start to hear back for interviews etc!
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    Me too. I applied for seven different positions under the new grad postings, but my application for Perinatal L&D/NICU was the one that was referred to the hiring department. This is definitely the one that I would want the most and that I'm most qualified for so hopefully being forwarded is a good sign good luck everyone!
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    Mine changed for Thornton IMU, the others have not changed.
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    [Hi everyone,

    Mine changed to Referred to Hiring Department on Friday for the Perinatal Program. That is the only one I applied for as I have worked as an L&D nurse but only for 2 months. I am really hoping to get an interview for this position.

    Good luck to us all!!! and keep us all posted on you status and interviews :-)