UCLA Summer 2012 PICU newgrad

  1. 1 Saw this for a NICU thread and thought I should follow suit b/c it was a good idea. I hope all of us regular allnurses.com PICU interviewees get hired! Good luck everybody
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    I'm interviewing for PICU this upcoming Tuesday. This will be my very first interview and am just so thankful for the opportunity. Any advice or tips on the type of questions that will be asked? I'm a nervous wreck and would greatly appreciate it!!! Good luck to us all!
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    hey! just be yourself and I'm sure you'll do fine.

    On a sidenote, when were they expecting to notify us about a possible second interview?
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    Does anyone know how many get a second interview? or How many they are hiring?
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    I just remember that 2nd round of interviews were slated to be around 2nd week of next month
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    Just an update- I interviewed today and I asked how many they were planning on hiring and they said they weren't even sure! But they have already contacted a few applicants back to tour the unit this week and meet some of the nurses on the floor.
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    Thanks for the update cocojnel! I hope your interview went well
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    Crickets in this forum...
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    Just wondering if anyone has received an email for a second interview?
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    thanks Wnurses! I actually thought mine went horribly... until today when I received an email for a 2nd interview

    BooBear0306 did you get one as well??
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    i was asked to come back for a second interview too. When is yours cocojnel?
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    @cocojnel- also I noticed that you interviewed on the later date... did you perhaps see how many people they interviewed in your group. There was about 25 that interviewed in our first group from what I "guesstimated" by looking at her sheet.
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    @Wnurses mine is on Fri. How about yours? When I went to interview there were about 3 ahead of me for PICU. Not sure how many went after me though...

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