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Saw this for a NICU thread and thought I should follow suit b/c it was a good idea. I hope all of us regular allnurses.com PICU interviewees get hired! Good luck everybody... Read More

  1. by   BooBear0306
    Quote from eedbsn
    Has anyone else heard back? I too applied and went through the second interview (thought it went well and it is my top choice) but still no word.

    Thanks, and congrats to those accepted!
    Nope. I think they are waiting for confirmations from their first picks before sending out emails to those who did not get hired.
  2. by   MissRizo
    Hello Ladies!

    I found this thread and was hoping to get some advice/info. I recently interviewed for the UCLA Summer 2013 Residency and have my second interview for the PICU next week. Any info you all can lend to help calm these nerves?? Did you get asked clinical questions during the second round?

    Any advice/info would be greatly applreciated!