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UCLA New Grad RN 2013 - page 2

Hello to all prospective UCLA Nurses! My name is Matthew and I'm a CSU Long Beach alumnus. I'm currently working as a Super User RN for the UCLA Health System. I hope this thread will be able to... Read More

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    Quote from ann3h
    I am also a super user and she stated that all super users will get an email when they post (I don't know if we get an advantage being an internal). But from what I heard from a fellow new grad super user who talked with **** she stated that all new grads super users are guaranteed an interview! I am not 100% sure though just stating what I heard. So it is imperative for super users to get in touch with the managers on the floor good luck !
    What is a Super User? Thanks
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    Hey Matthew, Do u know the exact date that the applications will be accepted? Last year it was only for a limited time.
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    All I have been told is "first week of March." No specific date as of yet.
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    I've heard the same thing and to was told to check the site weekly for the date.
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    For the application, is it just 2 LOR, resume, cover letter, and a personal statement?
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    i hear you should be ready to send everything once the application link goes up
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    Any updates on when the application will be available?
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    Someone on FB posted that they may cancel the summer program (nooo!!!! they already cancelled the earlier winter one!!!!) Last time around, it was around, it was the first Monday of March (March 5, 2012).

    It's just a wait and see if UCLA really cancels the summer program.
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    I am praying that this isn't true. I have been so anxious for this application to open!
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    When are they going to post the job.... Sooooo anxious!
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    Just got an email from them saying they still haven't decided if they're having a new grad program so keep checking their website for updates
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    Quote from mermaid135
    Just got an email from them saying they still haven't decided if they're having a new grad program so keep checking their website for updates
    If they are being wishy-washy at this date, I have a feeling that they will not host a summer new grad program.

    It seems CA is really, really slowing down in terms of the number new grad programs and the number of positions they have and accept in the programs. Really, really bad for new grads.
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    How do you apply to UCLA new grad program?