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    csoo, do you know if a lot of internals applied since you work there?
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    Where is everyone from? I'm in Los Angeles, CA.
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    Los Angeles
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    All the way from Boston
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    I'm from San Diego!

    I just got my assessment this morning so for those who haven't received them, they're definitely coming your way! I also heard that they might be having technical difficulties so that could have been the hold up.
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    Ohio. I finally got my assessment today too!
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    Santa Clarita by way of sunny Las Vegas. Finally got the em today!...twice.
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    Houston, TX- Would love to live somewhere that didn't feel like a sauna most of the year.
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    I don't have any numbers, but I know there are always a good number of internal applicants because UCLA has a Float Team CCP position that is specifically for nursing students who want more experience.
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    I'm from Roseville, which is near Sacramento. Woot? Haha

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