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I'm starting this thread for anyone who has applied to the UC Davis Nurse Residency for October 2012. Good luck to us all!! :)... Read More

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    Does anyone know how many new grads they will be taking in this October group? The wait is torture but I REALLY want this one (as I'm sure all of us do, lol)!!

    Best of luck to us all!!!!

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    Just thought I should try asking, but does anyone know if we can edit/update our application? I tried to see if we could and it doesn't seem so but I just thought I should ask in case any of you all knew. I officially have my license now and few certs so I hope I can add that.
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    I remember from a previous thread someone needed to updte their app too. I think you'll have to call directly to HR.
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    I hope the peds department is hiring new grads. Last cohort a lot of departments were not hiring new grads.
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    The apps changed to routed online today... so hopefully we will hear something soon.
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    Too bad status doesn't reflect our own app
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    I called HR, Apps are routed, they are not hiring for PICU, but they are for peds.
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    Yay!! Thanks
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    Hey guys, I emailed HR on July 24th and got this response:

    "We have just finished screening applicants. I will start routing applicant to departments later this week. Departments will do their own screening and will contact applicants for an interview next week through mid August."

    The wait is going to be torture! Thanks for the updates everyone and Good Luck!
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    Thanks for updating! I was happy to see "Routed" on my status.

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