UC Davis Medical Center RN Residency Summer 2013 - page 4

Hey New Grads! I just wanted to start a post about the upcoming New Grad RN program at UC Davis. I thought it would be nice, and anxiety calming, to start a thread to share about the application process. I just finished my... Read More

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    They forwarded suitable candidates to managers

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    Good luck everyone!
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    Does everyones say routed? Or just suitable candidates? I ask because mine says routed...
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    Everyone. The status updates are not individualized
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    Yeah and idk how you would find out if yours got forwarded. Where is everyone from?
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    So I called Nurse Recruitment today, they said they cannot provide individualized information about where our applications are but he told me which units were hiring. It was a long list but from what I heard: Oncology, L&D, PICU, GI/Vascular, Med/Surg specialty, Ortho, Trauma, another ICU but I forgot the name. Those are the ones I just remembered because it was a long list.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    I wonder if pediatrics is hiring.
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    PICU is pediatric (Pediatric intensive care unit)
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    I know what the picu stands for thanks. They do have a med surg unit for peds

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