Sjsu fall 2013 hopefuls

  1. Is there anyone here that is applying to the San Jose State University nursing program for Fall 2013?!
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  3. by   melygina
    Hi Refresh,

    Thank you for creating this thread!! Did you notice they moved the SJSU application deadline up to February 15th?
    I realized few days ago and I'm rushing to complete my application.
    I was wondering if you or anyone have gotten your University acceptance letter? It says we have to send some documents (doc of passing WST, proof of university acceptance, doc of TEAS scores, official transcripts, etc) along with our application and self checklist. But, up to now I haven't received any letter from SJSU that is admitting me as a student. I also checked MySJSU and it shows that my university application status is in progress. How is it for you guys? have you received any letter? if not, what is the proof of university acceptance we are supposed to submit??
  4. by   Themary89
    We are all doomed. I talked to the undergraduate coordinator today (we all know who i'm referring to, right? It always blacks out names here. But she's a bigger woman with short brown hair) and she said that the first ten applications she looked at, the impaction score was either a 12.00 or an 11.9.
  5. by   rustandstardust
    Hi all!
    I'm a pre-nursing student at SJSU also applying for Fall 2013. I dropped off my application right on the morning of February 15 - thank goodness I noticed the day before that applications were due 2/15. I thought they were due 3/15 but I guess they moved up the deadline. Anyway, good luck to everyone!
  6. by   Themary89
    What are everyone's impaction scores? Trying to get a better sense of the applicant pool this year.
  7. by   tphambam
    I applied for Fall 2013 too and my impaction score is 11.25.

    It's crazy how the impaction criteria is changing after this application period. After this application period, they're no longer including the last 30 units or Chem 30B in the 9 prereqs, and the minumum score on the TEAS needs to be 75.

    Anyways, good luck to everyone! One more month until we find out (:
  8. by   rustandstardust
    My impaction score is 11.9.
    Wow, I didn't know that they were going to change the impaction criteria. Does anybody have any idea why?

    I'm excited to find out in a month also.
  9. by   fa5tenough
    10.7 for me
  10. by   ob20
    mine is 11.04. Do i stand a chance?
  11. by   tidalwalker
    i have an 11.4 or 11.5
  12. by   tphambam
    Notification letters sent out April 26th! This wait sucks ):
  13. by   xxFaith
    does anyone know someone who was rejected to SJSU SON their first time but was accepted the second time they applied? I applied last semester for spring 2013 but was rejected. I made the pending list but everyone accepted their seat. I was able to increase my impaction score from ~10.5 to a ~10.8. I remember at one of the nurse advising meetings, SJSU wasn't accepting enrollment for a semester and is suppose to make less competition when enrolling to the nursing program. I am not sure for which semester they mentioned though, can someone clarify please! & best of luck to everyone!
  14. by   scwolf
    I haven't calculated my impaction score yet. One thing to remember, though, is that a lot of people (like me) who have applied to SJSU have also applied to several (or many) other programs. I've seen that a lot on these blogs. So, even though the impaction scores might be high, I bet a lot of those students will choose to go to another program, for all sorts of reasons. So don't despair, everyone! Good luck!