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Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to San Francisco State's program for fall 2012? I haven't seen any threads on it... Just wondering since apps are due in a few weeks!... Read More

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    I thought we don't hear back until the end of April am I wrong ? :O

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    Based on last year's thread, it seemed like people found out at the end of March. I'm soooo nervous!
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    Yes, that is what I surmised after looking at previous years' threads. Let's all think good thoughts! Does anyone live in the city? I live right down the street from SFSU...
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    Ahhh I'm so :uhoh21:

    @SevenofNine: That's awesome! I'd love to relocated to SF... heard SFSU parking sucks but of course that's the least of my worries...
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    yes. Parking does suck around campus; However, muni (public transport) is excellent. There are many options. How many of us on this thread have SFSU as their top choice? It is definitely mine !
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    It's my 2nd choice, I THINK. I'm really hoping I get into Sonoma. =)
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    Has anyone gotten any updates/news?! I'm a nervous wreck just waiting around!.... I check my e-mail & this thread like every 30 minutes. Anyone else guilty??

    @ Sevenofnine, SFSU is definitely in my top 3! I hope I get in or at least get on the wait list! I have doubts though....I'm from socal & I have Nutrition IP. Bummerssss.....
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    Hi there!
    I am a bit nervouse too! I keep checking my SFSU account in hopes to see any updates
    Nothing yet Hopefully by the end of this week... Did anybody tryed to email or call the nursing department to find out when they'll mail desigions?
    Just try to stay positive!
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    @ tiger07 - I am undoubtedly guilty. I am still checking my emails every moment and it is driving me insane to the point where I actually had a dream about SFSU's decision - two dreams actually, one where I got rejected and then one right after where I was accepted. Pretty... pathetic lol! :\ I have a class IP as well so Im super anxious.

    @ SevenofNine - SFSU is actually my top choice so far!
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    Yes...I have become so obsessive/compulsive about checking my email for an update. I only applied to two schools---SFSU and USF. I am only interested in getting my BSN. So...all of my eggs are in two baskets! This is my first year applying and I love what I do for work right now---it is in the medical field, so waiting another year will not kill me. However, I would love to get in this time around!

    @Chichibaby---nice to know it is your top choice too! @tiger07---are you in SoCal now? that is where I am originally from, and living in San Francisco is definitely a change---you will have to buy a whole different kind of wardrobe!

    Another sleepless night! I can't wait to find out! Good thoughts for everyone!

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