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Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to San Francisco State's program for fall 2012? I haven't seen any threads on it... Just wondering since apps are due in a few weeks!... Read More

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    Tiger: No feedback yet from any of the 6 other CSU's I applied to, except I went to an interview at Long Beach. I think we have some waiting still to do.
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    Hello every1, I also apply to sfsu this fall 2012, and so far I didnt receive anything from the son yet. why does it take them too long to make an determination?
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    I just noticed that my SFSU profile updated asking for the MMR and HEP-B. Is this the case with anyone else? Did anyone turn in theirs already? I know I have my HEP-B done but I still have to check for my MMR... only thing is that it takes a while to get the results...
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    I saw it too, but what does it mean exactly? I thought we worry about the immunization after the admittance. I've got all 3 shots for Hep B, but need to do a titter before I can submit the result...
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    Me too...Is there some sort of a deadline for these? What does this mean!!
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    It seems like if you're admitted to the university, then you need to send these in order to attend.
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    ...you guys made me look at my gateway!

    Yes, I have those updates too. I read in a previous forum to get it done as soon as possible so you are not scrambling at the last moment to get it all done. I need to get an updated print of my shot record---I am current on everything as wel.

    Guess who bought beautiful purple wool yarn yesterday and began making a scarf? Me! But I contend---one of you guys will get this scarf if I don't get in. It will be perfect for cold, wintery JULY mornings!!! I am not kidding!!!
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    It's funny how SF is so cold... I live an hour away, and there's a huge weather difference. xD It's usually crazy hot in the summer.
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    HA! I just stalked the mail man today.. literally stood behind him the whole time he was loading the mailboxes for my building... to no satisfaction of course.. I only received a credit card bill. hehe! This is getting ridiculous. Just email us already!! :spin:
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    I know, what a cruel, cruel trick---too much anticipation to be able to enjoy spring break! I got soooo excited because I got an email from SF State yesterday! Unfortunately, it was the Financial Aid office, who wanted to verify some FAFSA information.

    Hope the weekend finds everyone well. I didn't know I have tomorrow off for Caesar Chavez day until just now. But---am I going to enjoy it? Oh man! I am going to be crocheting that scarf madly tomorrow! Tiger07---you may just get your wish, I might end up making two! Go Purple and Gold!!!
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    omg! you made my heart skip a beat when i read your post "I got soo excited because I got an email from Sf State" hahaha enjoy your day off!
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    Just found this thread… did anyone apply to the SFSU/Sequoia Hospital BSN at Canada College? It's the accelerated program.
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    I'm a Canada/Sequoia applicant...I've been reading this thread for weeks but haven't posted. Am anxiously awaiting news like everyone else (and knitting too I saw on another post that they may be discontinuing the Sequoia program this year so I really need to make it!