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Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to San Francisco State's program for fall 2012? I haven't seen any threads on it... Just wondering since apps are due in a few weeks!... Read More

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    That's strange. I had Microbiology in progress in Fall 2011 and I am taking Statistics right now. I'm a CSULB student and CSULB only requires College Algebra, but a few other schools I'm applying to require Stats :zzzzz Not sure about the fall classes giving us less priority or not, but that's sketchy that you are getting different answers from different people.

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    Quote from ella.moore
    Hey did a lot of you still have prerequisites in progress during the fall? I'm a current SF state student, and I was hearing rumors about not having a chance at getting in if you still had classes in progress in the fall. I went to the nursing office and asked them about this, their answer was:
    "Officially, you can have as many prerequisites in progress as you want in the fall, and only one in the spring. However, someone who has finished all their prerequisites before turning in their application is more competitive than someone with many classes still in progress in the fall."

    *****!?! This makes NO sense to me. Like, they should either count your fall classes or they shouldn't. Right?!?! I am so frustrated with them because I have received these kinds of answers to multiple questions. I just want a straight answer, none of this "officially blah blah blah but wink wink there are secret rules we don't tell you about." GRRR!
    I understand what they're trying to say. I think they are getting at the fact that a person who has all their stuff done is not going to surprise them by failing a prereq in the spring AFTER they have been accepted. However, they can still deny the person who fails and replace them w/ an alternate who has passed all their requirements. What frustrates me is that, if you're going to select a student that has all their prereqs done anyway, then why are you allowing students that prereqs in progress to apply?
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    Yeah, I understand what they are saying too, but I'm frustrated for the same reason you said. And I get the spring prerequisite issue, they are accepting someone on trust that they do well.

    But having a problem with prerequisites in progress in the fall?! That is crazy to me. They call it a 4.5 year degree... In order to finish in that time you must apply to the Nursing program in your 3rd semester... which would be fall semester. By saying you should be done with your prerequisites before that fall semester... you would need to finish all 8 prereqs in ONE YEAR. Just saying.
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    @ella.moore Since you're currently a student there can you tell me how the campus is? Do you like the area and the school? I've only been up north once and don't even know where the campus is located or what's around there.
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    Of course! Are you from California? What area? Maybe you can give me tips about some of the other places I'm applying.

    The campus is without a doubt a commuter campus. So I hear a lot of people complaining about the lack of school spirit, "college life," etc. We don't have a football team, and sports in general are not really a part of the experience. None of these things bother me at all, just stuff to consider. Just doesn't have that college area feel. It's not in the heart of the city either, so just don't expect it to be in the most exciting area of SF . Surrounding the campus is mostly residential, and there is a mall right next to it. I like it, because it is a very quiet side of the city, about 5 minute bus ride from the beach, and right next to it is a large lake. Lot's of trees and nature!

    I love our campus! I think it's beautiful. It's centered around a very large grassy/tree area, but the campus is relatively small. You can walk from one end to the other in less than 10 minutes. It is right next to lots of public transportation, including the light rail that will take you downtown in about 30 minutes. I don't mind being away from all the excitement of downtown. The area is very laid back which makes it easier to focus on school when I need to-- then it's easy to get to other parts of the city when you want to go have fun! Also, since there are so many buses that run right up to campus, it's very easy to live in another part of the city and take a bus (or drive) to school.

    SF itself is wonderful-- the closer I get to possibly having to move away for nursing school, the sadder I get! There is so much to do here, so many different neighborhoods with different personalities, lots of people to meet, yummy food, and incredible natural beauty. Seriously I cannot say enough good things about SF! Although the cost of living is crazy, haha. Well I think I've raved enough about SF. Let me know if you want to know more!
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    I'm from Southern California, about 20 minutes away from CSULB (where I commute to). I feel like you just gave me a virtual tour of SFSU! Here is your tip! CSULB doesn't have a football team either, but I'm not a huge sports person either. I haven't attended one of our sports game for the 3 years I've been here haha! SFSU sure does sound appealing! There is soooo much to do in So Cal too, but you would need a car. It would be a huge difference to move to Nor Cal for me but maybe I would enjoy it! At first my preference order for nursing school was CSULB, CSULA, SDSU, CSUSB, SFSU, CSUS (as you can see moving north was my last choice). But now it's CSULB, CSUS (2 year program WITH summers? yes please!), CSULA, SDSU and so on. If I went to CSULB or CSULA I would be able to commute, so that would save money. But I kinda want to move out next semester! Huge decision for me.
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    Does anyone applying to SFSU Fall 2012 know about what is the lowest TEAS V score you can have to get into the program?
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    When I called them a few months ago, they told me they only cared about the word "proficient" on on the exam results.
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    Quote from sunshiine
    I just applied as well! I know on SFSUs website it says the average pre-req GPA is 3.6 or higher with 2 of the 3 supplemental criteria fulfilled. I have a 3.5 pre-req and 2 out of 3 so I feel like I have a chance! Even though I know a lot of applicants are more in the 3.8 - 4.0 range
    You have very good chance! As far as I know, SFSU do put lots of emphasis on TEAS score. Last year I applied, and due to my low TEAS score, I was put on waiting list despite of my good GPA. If you don't mind me asking what is your score on TEAS?
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    At SFSU, they look at your overall score. Let say you scored 70 on your TEAS, which is proficient. and other candidate scored 76, which is also proficient. School will look at the actual score instead of category. What school are you applying for? I am applying to SFSU. Be strong, it also depend on applicant pool.

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