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Hi everyone! Is anyone applying to San Francisco State's program for fall 2012? I haven't seen any threads on it... Just wondering since apps are due in a few weeks!... Read More

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    Does anyone know the due date for Fall 2011 transcripts to be sent in?

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    I think it's February 20th, but check the website for exact day.
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    I can't find the date on the website
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    You can check it under the FAQ, hey recommend to send transcripts for Fall grades no later then Feb 1, to insure they receive it by deadline. I remember seeing Feb 18th deadline somewhere...but then again, I applied to so many places
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    Ohhh! Ok thanks! I applied to a lot of places too, I forgot what else I need to send in to each school. What other schools did you apply to?
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    I don't have my SFSU folder on me right now, but you can call them, I remember they are pretty good at returning your calls.
    I applied to SFSU,CSUEasr Bay and several cc colleges
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    I believe it's Feb 1st.
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    I got an e-mail from SFSU with a deadline of Feb. 10th. Must be different for the Nursing program...
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    The nursing program and the university share transcripts, so I would assume it is the same date.
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    Hey did a lot of you still have prerequisites in progress during the fall? I'm a current SF state student, and I was hearing rumors about not having a chance at getting in if you still had classes in progress in the fall. I went to the nursing office and asked them about this, their answer was:
    "Officially, you can have as many prerequisites in progress as you want in the fall, and only one in the spring. However, someone who has finished all their prerequisites before turning in their application is more competitive than someone with many classes still in progress in the fall."

    *****!?! This makes NO sense to me. Like, they should either count your fall classes or they shouldn't. Right?!?! I am so frustrated with them because I have received these kinds of answers to multiple questions. I just want a straight answer, none of this "officially blah blah blah but wink wink there are secret rules we don't tell you about." GRRR!

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