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I am starting new thread to get to know others who are in same boat as I. I am applying at SFSU for Fall 2012 BSN on Campus. I am eagerly waiting to know decision from school, but so far I have not... Read More

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    @Iamgonnabeanurse (love your user name btw!)
    I am also a current applicant, so I cannot tell you whether or not there is hope for you, but let me just say our stats are VERY similar and I would like to think that they are pretty good! My overall GPA is 3.3, prereq is 3.61, TEAS 94.7 and I have 200 volunteer hours in a hospital plus multi-cultural experience in Honduras with Global Brigades providing access to clean water in underdeveloped communities. So I feel like we have a pretty good shot!! I am going crazy waiting also. I check my email like 10 times a day.
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    @sunshiine Wow your multi-cultural experience in Honduras sounds so adventurous/fun! That must've been great a fun experience. I think you have a good chance too, you have a good TEAS score and lot of the optional points! Good luck!
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    You guys are amazing for holding out and sticking it out for SFSU. I'm a former SFSU student - used to work at the DPRC. I'm actually still in the applicant pool for Fall 2012 but even if I'm accepted, I won't be going because I was accepted at Sac State.

    It was well worth the move, though - applications for the Sac State program were due at about the same time as SFSU, but I got my decision in November and started school by January, which seemed far more desirable for me.

    But anyway -- I went to one of the informational meetings about nursing admissions at SFSU when I was still there and not sure if I'd move, and the admissions officer literally said the foreign language proficiency points were "throwaway points" that they gave to anyone who asked for them, so just a word of advice to take care if you think they give you a huge boost.

    GOOD LUCK, GUYS! I'm rooting for you!
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    The CSUS applications weren't available until Feb 15 though (I'm a bit confused) So how were you admitted in November?
    And what do you mean to take care if we think it'll give us a boost? Are you saying that they don't make a difference?
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    The CSUS Fall 2012 app wasn't available until February, but the Spring 2012 app at CSUS was available the same time as SFSU's Fall 2012 app late last year (it was due about 2 weeks earlier if I recall the dates), so I was applying to both programs at the same time, but not for the same semester. I'm in nursing school in Sac right now.

    And about the "take care" bit -- the admissions officer said himself at the info session that the foreign language were points that were sort of just handed out to anyone who claimed proficiency, and he said that most people do claim it, but they don't have an established process for verifying foreign language proficiency so they just take you at your word if you say you're proficient in a language. The volunteer hours or multicultural experience would behoove you, but from how it was portrayed at the info session, foreign language proficiency is given to so many applicants that it hardly would make a difference.
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    Hello all!
    I am also waiting on SFSU and CSUEB. I am actually at USF. I got accepted into the nursing program in December, but the reality of it is that the program is a year longer than usual, and its VERY expensive. So I am praying that I will get into one of these schools.
    I can't remember my GPA for the prerequisites, I think I had a 3.7-3.8ish. My overal GPA is 3.64, it's not the best but it isn't the worst either. My TEAS was an 80.00%. I Speak a different language and had over 200 hours of volunteer work. I also have experience in multicultural environments. Therefore, I am more hopeful of getting into SFSU than CSUEB.

    Please comment when you all start finding out your admission status.
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    How long is the program at USF?
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    8 semesters. Spring was semester number 1. So I will graduate Fall of 2015!
    The money is what scares me most though.
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    Wow 8 is too long. I thought USF's overall program beginning as a freshman was 4 years though.
    CSU Sacramento's program is only 4 semesters! It's 2 years and you get summers!
    Is SFSU's program 6 semesters like most colleges? I forgot
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    It is a great program if you are a Freshman, it is 4 years, but I am a transfer. It is not worth it, I think, I mean, the hospitals you get to go to are great. They have Stanford and UCSF, but not for me. I just want to get my degree!
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    Yeah, I only applied to Cal States that I qualified for and would take a max of 3 years. I'm already in my 3rd year of college and I hope to get into a 2 year program to be done in 5 years. 6 years is pushing it for a BSN, but gotta do what ya gotta do
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    Did anyone apply to the SFSU/Sequoia Hospital BSN at Canada College? I did and it is my top choice. Really wish I could find a thread/other students chatting about it. Good Luck everyone. I've been told the Fall 2012 admissions letters for this Cohort are ready but they are waiting for SFSU's letters to be ready so everything can get mailed out together.
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    The decisions have been made. The letters will be sent out today and Monday. Good Luck to everyone!
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