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Did anyone apply for the Clinical Nurse I position at SCVMC? From what I've heard, there was close to 600 applicants for who knows how many positions available. Anyone got a rejection letter or an interview yet? Thanks for any... Read More

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    Quote from starghadeer
    check your emails. they sent a notification saying that you were scored a % and a ranking.
    What was your % and ranking? I would have much preferred a rejection e-mail...

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    Quote from nurs1ng
    What was your % and ranking? I would have much preferred a rejection e-mail...
    it was 84% and ranking of 230. it pretty much feels like a rejection because they are not granting me an interview. i guess i have to wait until 229 people ahead of me in order to get a job there... haha
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    Wow. 83% and ranked 320.
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    What does it mean if you didnt get a ranking email or a rejection email???
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    I have not heard from Santa Clara valley. I am hoping that this is a good sign.
    Good luck to everyone!
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    %86 #170 ranking...but according to fb newgrad page, there are multiple people w/ the same percentage and ranking
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    I didn't get any e-mail =/ waiting continues..
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    Any updates from those that did not get a ranking email?

    And to those that did get ranked- has your status changed online?
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    I am still waiting to hear something from scvmc. I asked my friend who works there what it means when you do not get a ranking email and she did not know. She asked other nurses too and they didn't know either.
    I keep hoping that my phone will ring.
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    Had an interview today for this position. Anyone else interviewing?

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