San Joaquin Communty Hospital versant Fall 2013 - page 6

Hey everyone! Couldn't find a thread started for this yet. Who has applied? Anyone interviewed yet? I have my interview on Thursday! Super excited.... Read More

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    Best of luck gastro2012
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    ashleyrose- I'm going to send you an email re: the interview process. Thanks for offering
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    Hi! Ashlleyrosesf

    Please send me a message if you did not find roomate yet. Thank you. I can't send messages to you
    Quote from ashleyrosesf
    Remember that you guys all have amazing worth and hospitals prefer to hire those in their area.

    They may be a bit behind in their responses - don't worry! I know that one girl got a call for her new graduate program a week before it started. Have faith! Xoxo.

    Btw - when you all get your job confirmations, please come to the June 17-21 orientation! And let me know if you're looking for roommates. ;-)
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    Hi I'm applying for the spring versant program at San Joaquin...what are the clinical interview type of questions they ask?
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    Hi I'm thinking of applying this year. How did it go? So how was the process like? First you send a general application, and just wait to get called for an interview? Any info would be helpful, thanks

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