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I haven't found a thread for this yet, so I figured I would start one! I am applying in August, after I have my grades from my summer courses. I was wondering what stats other applicants have as well :) I still have to complete... Read More

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    That's awesome Shyloh! I'm sure you're interview will go well. I didn't apply to SMU's FNP or CM (just ABSN) program. Part of me wishes I did though, as the nursing market is extremely competitive and having the MS is going to be really helpful. However, I thought I'd complete the ABSN program and hopefully land a part-time job and work on my MS while working.

    Best of luck to you - please keep us posted of your progress.


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    We should hear within the next week or so!!! Fingers crossed for everyone.
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    I contacted a woman in Admissions for a status update on Oakland's ABSN (Summer cohort) and she said no news yet. She said likely candidates will be named "at the end of February"... The excitement (and suspense) continues.
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    Do they know that we are all getting ulcers from the anticipation?? Ugh! Thanks for the update!
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    Ha! And your welcome. I'm sure she knows there are a lot of anxious candidates wanting to know their result. I can imagine the files and paperwork on their side - but for sure, the wait is long. I hope we all receive some stellar news soon.
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    Hi lulu728,
    I have also applied for SMU's ABSN program for cohort summer 2013, but have not heard from them yet. It is great to know that you got admitted, but I think you have some other better option to reject this offer. I was wondering, how did you get the acceptance letter - via mail, email, or something else? It is so hard to wait like this anxiously:-)
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    Hi Sudhasaravan,

    I have a friend who has been accepted to SMU's SF ABSN cohort (April) start and she first received an "acceptance" call and then an e-mail detailing next steps to do prior to cohort start date. A few things that need to be done are: CPR class (Basic Life Support - Healthcare provided by American Heart Association), physical exam from your doctor saying you are healthy and suitable for the ABSN program, proof of immunizations and shot record, TB clearance and such.

    Did you apply to the San Mateo/SF cohort or Oakland? Best of luck to you!
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    My friend who applied (1st choice) to the June cohort got an offer to be in the April cohort for San Mateo. Did anyone else get this??
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    This is so great; I so remember what this was like this time last year! I'm in CaptainBW's class. Last year, I'm pretty sure they didn't look at applications until two or three weeks before they made their decisions and we started to hear back (in late February). When you're accepted you get a phone call, and if you're wait-listed you'll get an email (which also includes information about joining other cohorts if you'd rather not wait for Oakland). I was number #11 on the waiting list and I got a "you're in" call about two weeks after I got my "you're on the wait list" email. But CBW is right; you'll hear in the next two weeks or so.

    The point is not to call the office, because it doesn't help anything. It's indicative of our class as a whole that we barely left them alone last year, ha ha. But just be patient, and you'll know soon enough. It's a great school.
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    Hi aluflow, captainbuttwipe,

    A few more questions come to mind as we wait to hear our news from SMU for the ABSN program. In order to prepare for the start of the ABSN program, what do you recommend as far as reviewing our classwork materials... pharmacology, A/P or ? When you start the cohort, are you provided some review and/or an assessment test that we should prepare for? A friend of mine (who was in my SMU Pathophysiology class) said SMU faculty recommend the Saunder's NCLEX-RN book to have for school and to review. Do you reference this?

    Aluflow - what's your perspective on the ABSN program? Coursework, faculty, deadlines/preparation for tests, etc. Likes and dislikes?

    Many thanks for your advice and cheer for us!

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