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Starting a new thread for the Spring 2011 SMU applicants for the Sacramento Campus and all others as well. Post your stats, any other important information you might have heard about the... Read More

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    I also got the same email.

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    Ok, well I applied to San Mateo and that counselor is out til Aug 17th (I emailed her). Maybe that's what explains it.

    Are you guys also re-applying for Summer 2011 just in case you don't get in for Spring? Application is due Sept 1st.

    I don't even wanna add up how much I've spent for transcripts, testing, app fees, etc. since applying to nursing school. Ugh.
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    Yea. I applied for SF for summer 2011. I applied for both Spring and Summer at the same time, specifically trying to save on paying the app fees by applying 2 separate times. Gotta love school fees. Sigh! On the bright side, we can write them off on our taxes so don't forget that. :-)

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    I received the same email for the Sacramento class. Those stats are pretty high- *Sigh*, but I've been praying...

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    That's really interesting they way the number of slots available differs from each cohort, also I wonder how many people actually completed the application process correctly this time, maybe we'll all get lucky and we'll be the only ones that get in! A girl can dream...
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    Lol! I like your optimism! We can only hope!
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    I am applying for Spring 2011 at San Mateo- just got the email from Eugenia Berdali- saying there are 48 spots in the class.

    They are anticipating result letters to be mailed November 15. Yikes!!! I thought this NursingCAS was supposed to save them time... they need 3.5 months to decide??? My other app has to be in by September 15 and they make a decision within a month! Shoot- I was hoping I'd get notification around the same time, so I could actually make a decision... now it's just whatever comes first. Lame.
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    Hi AndyPants44, that's weird I didn't even get an e-mail. I emailed ---- and was told not to worry and that they have my application. I was just wondering, did that email say anything about how many applicants applied at San Mateo?

    Also to everyone else...I keep reading that there are hundreds of fresh grads with no jobs...does that scare anyone cuz it certainly is starting to scare me...imagine having a $50 000+ loan and no job!!!!
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    I got an email today saying that my application was found complete and was forwarded for final review.
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    Hey there,

    The email did not say how many applicants there were for the San Mateo Spring 2011 cohort; however, they recently posted some stats on their website of what their average accepted applicant looks like on paper (i.e., GPA, TEAS scores, etc.).

    Someone asked in a previous thread if anyone else was nervous about there being no jobs and having at least $50K in debt when you graduate. I have encountered many new grads in the area who cannot find jobs as well, and this absolutely makes me nervous. This is a complete 180 compared to when I first started this endeavor. I still want to be a nurse, but I am rethinking about going to a private school.
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