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  1. by   ilnurse15

    I'm super excited that someone started a post for this cohort. I am applying to the sacramento cohort that starts Spring 2011. I have a 3.49 GPA with a 3.67 science and a 84.1 TEAS. I have a lot of odd job health care and community experience, but nothing substantial. I am also frantically finishing up my pre-recs. I suggest that you take some CLEP or EC classes in lieu of courses for generic pre-recs and online pharmacology and patho; I am enrolled in 2 online courses for those, they are really expensive if you wait to take them through SM.

    I have been freaking out about the new CAS system for applying. I have been emailing them every other day to make sure that the paper work I have sent them is getting through. I am applying from Illinois so i really have to make sure that they get all of my stuff! I was unable to go to the open house, but i was able to meet with an admissions counselor and alot of my fears about the CAS program have been relieved. I think that althrough confusing, it should be ok.
  2. by   ilnurse15
    OMG! me too, I had 75% of that application done, and I had to go run around getting new transcripts, letters of rec and so on, it was a nightmare!
  3. by   greatpyr_mom
    I second that motion. I had the old paper application complete including my letters of reference. I was not happy to go back to those people who kindly wrote the letters for the old application and have them redo it. Both of my references did the electronic reference thru nursingCAS, and I was so relieved they were willing to do more work on my behalf.

    My GPA is very strong, but I am worried about the TEAS. I am not a fast test taker, and it seems like some of the stuff is a bit obscure. (I mean clouds, for goodness sakes! What does a nurse need to know about clouds!). I'm taking the TEAS on June 24 at SMU in Oakland.

    I just today electronically filed my nursingCAS and paid the application fee. So now I'm waiting for my institutions to send my transcripts to nursingCAS.

    I applied for the accelerated BSN and the MS- Case management (Sacramento campus). My bachelor's degree is in business, so I am interesting in case management.

    This summer I am taking pathophysiology from Santa Barbara City College Online. I ordered the textbook from Amazon and started reading it. My gosh, 30 chapters in 6 weeks is going to be tough! I did A&P 2 last summer, it was an 8 week session, and that was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done.
  4. by   Lauren4268
    I haven't started my application yet, but hearing about this new system from you guys isn't makng me more excited! haha I haven't started my essay, but I also applied for the undergrad first degree transfer BSN at samuel merritt so I will use my essay frmo that for the most part and tweak it for this application.

    I start A&P 2 tomorrow, 6 weeks format....along with three other classes! Should make for an interesting summer!

    Anyone working on other applications or waiting t hear back from anywhere else? I'm waiting to hear back from Creighton and will be working on my Duke application in the next two weeks as well.
  5. by   ilnurse15
    Hi, I would highly recommend you getting that application started. It will take at least 2-3 weeks to get all the information sent in. I started this application May 8th or so and I'm still working on getting all of my information in. They ask that you get all transcripts and scores sent in so that they can send in everything together. I hope this helps. PS CAS make you enter all courses individually, in order by semester that you took them, so that they match the transcript... not fun and very time consuming it you have a ton of classes.
  6. by   Victory925
    It was very time consuming, but I just sent in my app today. It says it takes them up to 5 weeks to calculate GPA- So we will see how that goes.
    I am excited and would absolutely love to start nursing school in January. Good luck to everyone!!

  7. by   UCLover610
    So, it is true?

    We have to enter every class we took under the sun, even if its not a pre req?? *** is that?! We all have a BA/BS plus pre reqs! OMG. Annoying!

    Does that mean SMU is not taking the last 60 units...its your whole academic career?!
  8. by   Victory925
    I believe they do in fact take the last 60 units, but yes every class under the sun, as you so eloquently put it unfortunately...

    It took me a while, but in the FAQ's there is also a section that clearly states which classes fall under which category. If you are uncertain, I would refer to that.

    Very annoying and I also didnt love the transcript process, but it is what it is...
  9. by   greatpyr_mom
    Yes, every single class you're ever taken! I have two degrees and some miscellaneous classes, so it took me at least 5 hours to enter in the data.

    I contacted the admissions adviser and she said that SMU is interested in your gpa from the sciences and then the last 60 units. (so not you're whole academic history)
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  10. by   ilnurse15
    Jeez, I know, it took me a really long time enter all of that information. I just got a confirmation that CAS received my transcripts, letter of rec and it appears as if I have all of my little gold stars up. I will be sending in my application Monday, after I get my certificate information entered in. I'm excited, but nervous, I can't wait to turn it in and get this dark cloud out from over my head. I really hope I get in, I can't handle another Illinois winter! LOL!
  11. by   NiaBSN
    My reference leaves for Spain tomorrow and she submitted my letter electronically today (bless her heart). HOWEVER, after scoping out the CAS website I came upon something in the FAQs section that mentions signing and submitting a reference request form. I can't find any such form. I tried looking for it both in the reference section and the Schools Attended section like it mentioned. Please help! I'm afraid the letter she submitted won't be of any use if I don't get her to complete this "reference request form" before she leaves. Is a reference request form simply the name, address, email questions you fill out when adding a new entry to the reference section? If so, I'm freaking out for no reason. The website says something about signing it and sending it to your reference to fill out the rest... Huh?

    Quote from ilnurse15
    OMG! me too, I had 75% of that application done, and I had to go run around getting new transcripts, letters of rec and so on, it was a nightmare!
  12. by   greatpyr_mom
    I believe when they do the letter electronically, you or they don't need to actually send in any paper letters. I am so confused!

    By the way, I submitted and paid for my app fees, even though I'm waiting to hear for them to receive the transcript info. Hopefully I did that right!
  13. by   greatpyr_mom
    I just checked the website, and here is the FAQ you were talking about. I believe if you do the electronic letter, you do not see the option of printing a request form. I am thinking if you do the electronic letter, as long as the reference followed the directions in the link they were sent and filled in the info correctly, we'll be alright. I did electronic references too.

    1. Login to your NursingCAS application, and select the Institutions Attended folder from the Application Checklist
    2. To the right of the Reference Name, you'll find the link for the Reference Request Form.
    3. Click the link associated with evaluator for whom you want to print a Reference Request form, which looks like this: This will initiate the download of a PDF file. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the File.
    4. Print out, sign the first page, and then send to your evaluator to complete the rest of the form.
    5. Be sure to advise your evaluator to send the Reference Request Form with an official letter of recommendation directly to NursingCAS.