Sac State Fall 2013 Applicants - page 4

Hello Everyone, I am about to send in my application to CSU Sacramento for Fall 13 and was wondering if there are any other people in the same predicament. Would love love to hear your experiences... Read More

  1. by   rafaeia
    Hey eama4444, Nurseinthemaking20 and wanisai Nice to meet you guys! Yes, totally think that I need to get mu language part going. xD Glad to see a bunch of us helping each other out. Let's keep each other updated.
  2. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    Rafaeia- nice to meet you too! Yes I agree, let's help each other out and keep each other updated.
  3. by   eama4444
    Sounds like a plan. Especially around late April/early May! I hope we all get in!!
  4. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    We will. If anything, remember to be optimistic. When I first took my teas I was sooo nervous. I kept telling myself I'm going to miss my goal by 1 percent, and I did! Then when I went back to take it I kept telling myself I would get the score I needed and I did. So the key is to stay positive.
  5. by   wanisai
    thank you for all the great info nurseinthemaking20. Even with those required upper level courses, we should be able to graduate on time right?
  6. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    Wanisai- yes I do think you will be able to graduate on time. You may just have to take your upper classes throughout one of your semesters or during the summer.
  7. by   critter55
    Submitted my application last week and got a confrimation email that they received it. I have a total of 69 points. Seems like that's borderline so I will keep my fingers crossed. It cracks me up on how different schools do their point systems, for instance how SSU's is out of 112 points, whereas CSULB is out of 10. Gets kind of confusing, especially when you are applying to seven different schools. Im also applying to Chico, Stanislaus, Fresno, Bakersfield, Channel Island, and Long Beach.
  8. by   eama4444
    You are right Nurseinthemaking20, I will do my best to stay positive!

    Hi critter55! I am also applying to several schools, and I completely agree. It is kind of crazy how even within the CSU system each school has a unique point system. I guess it allows people with different strengths to get into different programs. It definitely makes things more interesting!
  9. by   critter55
    eama4444: Interesting Indeed. What other schools are you applying for?
  10. by   eama4444
    I am applying to East Bay, Stanislaus, SFSU, Fresno, Bakersfield, SJDC, and LMC. The last two being community colleges. Really hoping for Sac though!

    Do you have a preference amongst the schools you are applying for critter55?
  11. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    I need to hurry up and get my app in! Lol
  12. by   Nurseinthemaking20
    Btw, are you guys putting an actual hard copy of your unofficial transcripts with your application or are you having them sent from your schools?
  13. by   wanisai
    Oh my..I plan on sending mine tomorrow.. I think I've been holding on to it a little too long. I intend to just enclose the official transcripts with the applications..Did you all put the official transcripts in a different envelope?