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Hello Everyone, I am about to send in my application to CSU Sacramento for Fall 13 and was wondering if there are any other people in the same predicament. Would love love to hear your experiences... Read More

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    Hopefully this is acceptable to post here! But -- for you guys wondering what the nursing program is like, there is a Pre-Nursing Panel on Friday at 4PM at our building (I probably shouldn't post the room number, I don't know if that info is okay to post). It's a panel of nursing students who can answer your questions about what the program is like. It's potentially a lot of helpful info for those of you who are going to be starting soon!
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    Thanks vickeymarie! If I get an acceptance email this week then I will probably attend.
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    Only one more day... It seems like other programs send their announcements out after 5 p.m., though, so I'll trying not to check my email TOO many times during the day tomorrow. Good luck, everyone!
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    One more day! I am so anxious/sick. Can't wait for the wait to be over! Good luck all! Too bad I will be in O-chem at 5pm tomorrow...may be a little difficult to concentrate.

    Good luck to all!
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    I'm feeling the same way! Especially because I'm right on the cusp and I don't know what to expect. I hope what your friend said about the 75 points is true! And I'll be at work tomorrow until 8. So when I get my email I probably won't be opening it until I get off.
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    Nurseinthemaking20: I think you should be rest assured that you will be in. It is a good thing you will be working to keep your mind occupied until the emails are sent.
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    Can I have some of your optimism?? Please and thank you lol. You've been so reassuring for me this whole time!
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    Definitely feeling anxious! Hoping tomorrow brings us all good news!
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    Alright guys this is it! The awaited day is approaching... our fears will calmed or confirmed...
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    Rafaeia- arnt u freaking out? U have 75 points also right?
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    Nurseinthemaking20: I believe God has a plan for all of us! I am very optimistic because I believe whatever will be, will be, it is out of my hands. But, I have a really great feeling no matter what you are in!! Can't wait to meet everyone....hopefully!! ;-) Almost there!
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    Yes, of course...! x) We're both in the same boat! but I have to agree with mommato3crazies though, I think you will make it!!
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    Ok your right! I'm going to make it, I'm in!