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    How was your partner's experience at sac states program? Is he working now? The program at CSUS is so appealing cause its the shortest of all nursing programs I applied to, but I don't know if I want to move that far. :/

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    Hi Spiffyness! Sac State does NOT have a deposit! So accepting Intent-To-Enroll costs nothing. I would suggest doing it so you don't get dropped from the university.
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    Spiffyness the upper division GE courses are graduation requirements of CSUS. They require all transfer students to take them (9 units). I believe that you will have to too but they can clarified that for you at the orientation. Yes, you can still withdraw from the university if you choose not to go to there.

    I'd glad to hear I'm not the only babySacramento isn't too bad. I've lived here all my life and before you know it you'll be done!!
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    QUOTE=xaireel;6349312]oh i'm 27. i feel so old now. haha. i think i am going to commute just because it's not that far. i am also so used to the drive because i used to visit my partner all the time when he lived in sac and went to sac state's nursing program. now that we live together, i drive him to work when i don't have class. i already planned out which 2 upper division GEs i am taking so not getting into sac state is not an option. i actually just applied at sac state so your comment kinda made me feel somewhat safe. lol. i can't help but be paranoid until the day of judgement comes and i get that email in my inbox.[/QUOTE]
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    Xaireel 27 is not old!!! I was now worried that I was going to be decades younger than everyone because that was how it was in my prereq classes. The commute shouldn't be too bad as long as it isn't during rush hour. Does your boyfriend work in sac? How did he like the nursing program? I attempted to pick out classes that I would want to take for my GE. I'm hoping that I will be able to take them online.

    You shouldn't be paranoid, you have the score so you will without a doubt get in!!!
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    He likes it. When we was in the program it was 2 1/2 years. it was a bit of a mess because they were transitioning from 3 years to 2 years. it's good that it's only 2 years now and it's been for a while so i don't think there would be problems with the structure of the program. also, with the new building and all that, i think the program would be really good. besides they have a 97/98% nclex passing rate, so that's a good sign. he is also working now. he was lucky enough to get a job at mercy before graduating.
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    Just a quick note about transitioning and program changes - I just learned at the recent CNSA meeting that starting with the next admitted batch, I believe you guys will not need to take gerontology in your second semester. I also have heard that future applicant pools will not have Pharmacology and Nutrition, I believe, as pre- or co-requisite anymore, and it'll instead be more emphasized in the existing curriculum. That doesn't really change anything for you guys, but as a current Sac State nursing student, I thought it would be nice to share!

    Good luck, all of you! I hope I get to meet all of you when you get to the nursing program!
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    Xaireel That's reassuring!! Hopefully by the time we are finishing up with school we will be able to find work.

    Vicky thanks for the heads up. How do you like the program? Does it feel like you are constantly being overloaded? Would you recommend not working during the program? Sorry for all the questions curiosity gets the best of me
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    I actually love the program! Some things are going to be a definite headache, and it gets a little overwhelming to keep a job while in the program, though it's not unheard of. I personally would have a little trouble managing it, but a couple of my classmates are still able to handle it.

    If your first semester is still the same as ours, you'll have a period in the first couple weeks called "frontloading", where one of your lab classes will meet an extra time during the week for lecture also. You'll have one or two Saturdays where you'll need to come in for tests, and a brief lecture. This is all to make sure you have all of the information you need to get a solid footing when you start clinical in I think the third week of the semester. It's going to feel CRAZY at first, and you'll probably feel overwhelmed, but once you get your feet wet in clinical, you'll be SO thankful for it!
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    Hey Vickie Marie, Thank for all that useful information. I was planning on signing up for the Pharmacology this summer so that I dont have to take it as a coreq with my first semester in the nursing program. Are you saying we wont need to have it as a separate class? I would love to have the summer off to prepare and spend with my family since Im pretty sure Ill be neglecting them throughout school once I start the BSN program, Im hoping that this does apply to those of us starting Fall 2012. That would be wonderful. Do you know anything more about this? Its so difficult to get in touch with the Nursing program at Sac State to ask them questions.

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