ROP LVN programs in southern california? ROP LVN programs in southern california? | allnurses

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ROP LVN programs in southern california?

  1. 0 Anyone completed any of the programs? How did you like it? I currently have to take only Anatomy and Physiology to apply for the RN program at IVC but I heard scary stories about the wait lists so i'm looking into ROP programs
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    Check out NOCROP (North OC ROP) they're on a point system with no wait list. Prior CNA/MA license, prereqs, a degree, medical work exp all give you extra points and increase your chances. I just completed their Fundamentals of Nursing class (good for 5 years and mandatory to apply for their LVN license. You also get points for your grade in this class A:20 points B:15 points, something like that). The class covered a lot of CNA stuff and the nursing process, they teach you care plans & nursing diagnosis. The program is well respected in the community and they're grads usually have no trouble finding a job once they complete it. They accept around 40 students twice a year. They're currently interviewing for the October start. They start in the Spring & Fall I believe and the program is 13 months long. Last but not least the program is only a little over $4k!!!!! I'd highly recommend NOCROP LVN.
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    ROP Hacienda , ROP El monte, ROP baldy view to name a few
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    ROP Redlands, Ive heard nothing but great things and am in the process of application.