RN-New Grad Versant Ukiah Valley Medical Center

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    Hi has anyone applied to this program? Their application asked a lot of questions about prayer with patients and prayer before meetings. They also ask if you've ever worked for a seventh-day adventist hospital before. My main concern is that they won't hire me because I am not a seventh day adventist or particularly religious.

    Anyways, I didn't see this a thread for this program so I thought I'd go ahead and start one.

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    I just applied! Thanks for posting this, I called HR last month to get the applications dates and was just told "sometime in may". With a lot of deadlines coming up this week, this residency had gotten pushed to the back of my mind- but I got my app in on time now

    also I interviewed with another adventist hospital, I don't remember exactly what I put for the application questions about religious practices at work, but they didn't ask about it at all during the interview and I'm not overly religious either.
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    Alright, Fantastic. What other programs are you applying for right now? I've got Stanford and Doctors Medical Center of Modesto to do tomorrow.

    Also, are you from Mendocino? I'm from El Dorado County, but living in SF now.
    Sorry for all the questions, it's just none of my friends out west (I went to school on the East Coast) know too much about the aggravation of the RN job search!
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    Yup I applied!
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    I applied as well a few days ago. Had a really amazing meeting with the nurse recruiter at the hospital and got a tour. It's nice, but small. Pretty much all single rooms. It seems like a good place to make a home! :-)
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    Oh, and they will hire you if you aren't Seventh Day Adventist. You just have to make sure you tell them you're accepting of all religions and don't mind things like prayer in the workplace.
    I got hired as a catholic(ish) at another Seventh Day Hospital with saying the above. :-)
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    It would be discriminatory if they did not hire you because you aren't a seventh day adventist but I think they're just confirming if you're okay with the hospital being affiliated with a religion and that they may start meetings with a prayer or spiritual thoughts. If you're open to that, I think it'll be okay as long as they don't push it on you.
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    Just got the email to attend an open house on the 28th.
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    I also got an email!
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    I got the email too! Did you guys see the first one, where she accidentally showed everyone's email address? Looks like it was sent out to about 237 people. And the website says there are just 4-5 spots!
    Does anyone know if the letters of reference are due before May 28th? I asked her when I RSVPed but no response yet.

    So excited! This is the first positive response I've gotten from a hospital!

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