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Pasadena City College RN program

  1. 0 Hi,

    I've heard that it's not recommended to work while enrolled as a student in an RN program. I'm applying for the Spring Semester at PCC and while I do intend to leave my current employer should I be accepted, I was wondering if there were people who made the attempt to work part-time or possibly in the summer.

    Any opinions?

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    Hi Mereb79!

    I know a few people who have done ADN programs who are able to work on the weekends if their hospital rotations allow for that. A lot were able to support themselves throughout nursing school by doing back to back 12 hour shifts for phlebotomy, but they said it was really hard. As for PCC specifically, I am not sure. I know they advise against it... but I might not have a choice and probably will have to work while in the program too. I just got an email today saying I am an alternate at PCC, did you receive yours yet?

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    Good for you EllieBean!!! When will you find out if you get in for sure? I know you said you were accepted as an alternate, so hopefully several will decline the offer....Also, if you don't mind posting, what were your grades in English, Physio2 A&B, and Mircro?
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    Hi Beccas1128-

    Still no word yet from the school regarding my status... I hope it's soon because the wait is KILLER! My grade for English was an A, Anatomy was a A, Physio was a C (yuck... that's a killer) and Micro is an A.

    From what I've been reading, my physio grade does not make me competitive by any means. Ah well... hopefully I get lucky and enough people decline their spots. Are you applying to the program as well?

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    If you guys dont mind me asking how long is the waiting list at PCC for the RN program?
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    Do you mean the alternate list? I get the impression it's 30-40 people long.

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    I am currently working on my pre-req's at PCC so I still have a bit to go. I just started at PCC this fall. I moved to here from AZ about a year and a half ago, and had to wait a year before be considered a "resident" to get in state tuition. Otherwise, non-resident tuition just wouldn't have been worth it! So I start this fall. To the person that asked about a "wait list" PCC does not have a wait list. Only and alternate list and if not a selected alternate, you will have to apply again each term. Great luck to you all!!!!
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    I am currently attending PCC nursing program and just completed the 1st semester and I worked part-time during the program.

    Although, I do recommend not to work during the nursing program, but it is not impossible to go through nursing program with least the first semester I guess.

    I am unsure if my grade was better if I didn't work, yet my grade wasn't so bad so it's hard to say....

    it's just that there was so much stuff to do, time management was very hard. This will also depending on your clinical location too. Mine was kinda far so it was quite a struggle....

    But like I said, it is not impossible.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks to everyone for all the info!
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    Yes I would like to know everyones stats. I want to get into PCC. I am applying fall 2011 for spring 2012
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    Anyone else hear from pcc?
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    I got the impression we wouldn't start hearing back until May. The notice on the box where we turned in the applications said 12 weeks and the final due date was something like February 20th, right?
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    You attend PCC?
    You applied for fall 2011? If I may ask, whats your stats?

    I am applying for spring 2012