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Hi, I've heard that it's not recommended to work while enrolled as a student in an RN program. I'm applying for the Spring Semester at PCC and while I do intend to leave my current employer should I be accepted, I was... Read More

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    Anyone else hear from pcc?

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    I got the impression we wouldn't start hearing back until May. The notice on the box where we turned in the applications said 12 weeks and the final due date was something like February 20th, right?
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    You attend PCC?
    You applied for fall 2011? If I may ask, whats your stats?

    I am applying for spring 2012
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    Yeah, I applied for Fall 2011. Sure you can ask: A in Micro, A in Physio 2A, A in Physio 2B.

    Good luck with your application. So you'll be applying this summer then?
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    Yes, I am applying the first day its open (august 1st I believe) Is it crazy the first day to turn in applications?
    I know they say you turn in an application seems like a lot less items compared to other schools. They need the actual application, and just transcripts right?
    I am going to turn it in by hand.

    SO you basically have what a 4.0, except I don't know what you got in english.
    Then you are for sure in right?

    I have an A in anatomy, a B in english and I am taking micro and physio right now, so far I have an A -average in micro (already took first practical and midterm) I take physio exam this week and next, and I am aiming for an A

    How do they determine who gets in?
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    I don't see why you couldn't turn it in on the first day. Probably best to just be done with it!

    Yes, they need the application and the transcripts from all of the colleges you've attended, including one from PCC. (It's up to you to request it from the Records office.) They also want a high school transcript but I think that this might not be required if you already have another college degree. I believe that they all have to be turned in by hand as opposed to mailing them in etc.

    I got an A in English 1A when I was first in college to get a BA in history. I can't say that this means I'm a sure thing though. They take 60 people and if they have over 60 applicants with "A"s then I have to assume that some people might get put on the alternate list.

    If you're taking micro and physio at once then you have more energy than me! I never could have kept up with both of them as well as my job at the same time. Very hardcore classes. Sounds like you have some awesome grades thus far.

    They accept people by going strictly off of grades so far as I know. They don't require the TEAS test as an entry test the way some schools do. You take that test once you've already been accepted so I assume it's meant more for advisement purposes.

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    thanks for your info.

    I think you'll be for sure in! your grades are steller!!!!

    as for micro and physio, its not that bad, I am a science person so it isn't very hard.

    Yeah definitely post or visitor message me when you find out. I think its like 12 weeks til you find out.
    Was this the only place you applied to?
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    I also applied to LA County College of Nursing since they have similar prereqs. I've heard good things about their program as well.

    Thanks and good luck with your classes!
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    I also applied for PCC Fall 2011. I'd be glad to post my stats for the curious: Sciences 4.0, English A, General Ed 3.8 and I have work experience. I applied to Rio Hondo also but I don't believe I made the cut. PCC is the only other school I was able to apply to (fingers crossed!).
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    Good luck

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