Palomar RN New Grad Program

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    Wondering who else out there applied to the Palomar new grad program in San Diego? The application went up at 7 this morning, and I just checked at 11:45 AM and its already disappeared. Good luck to those applying. Lets comment and commiserate

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    Me, but you knew that already

    Wow, it was gone that fast!? Good luck, everyone!
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    I did as well, SDnurse2011! Good luck
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    I applied as well! Apparently, 200 applications were accepted before they took down the job at 10AM!
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    I applied too! Got it in at 8:07.
    They are only hiring 10 people and preference goes to Clinical Career Extender volunteers.
    Good luck all!
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    The HR person said they had over 500 apps by 10.
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    Did HR say they had 500 applications total(internal and external) or 500 applications for external applicants. Did HR tell you they are only hiring 10 people?
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    It was a friend of mine that called when they were not able to submit their app. They were told "We are looking for 10 candidates." They did not discriminate whether the applications were internal or external.

    My application status changed this morning from being reviewed by employee development department (or something like that) to ...under consideration for open positions.
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    I see thanks for the info. Good luck to all of us...especially me! :P
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