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Anyone else getting anxious/excited to apply for Ohlone's Fall 2013 RN program?! I thought I would start a thread. Wondering how many people out there are applying for the program, since they require you to jump though so many... Read More

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    congratulations you guys

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    I was waitlisted #9 for spring 2014. I would say there is a strong likelihood of me getting in. Jstrawberry, I'm not sure about your position, but it does seen like most people are applying to other schools as well and I know a lot of people will not accept or will wind up making other plans. Don't give up hope!
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    Congratulations to all who were accepted!
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    Kristin, any word?
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    I just received an email saying that I wasn't placed for fall or spring. Pretty heartbreaking. It didn't say where I was on the list. Better luck next year I guess
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    Hey Kristin. Are you going to apply to Modesto? This month they are taking applications...I am thinking about applying. I am just soo bummed out about being waitlisted.
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    I'm sorry to those that didn't get in. I know Evergreen college is taking applications in October. Don't give up hope to those on the waitlist. I heard one year they went through 10 people on the waitlist in just a matter of days...
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    I won't be applying anywhere that far out of the area. Ohlone really is my number 1 (well csueb was, but I don't have the grades) because it's so close. I live in fremont. I have an almost 2 year old and a babe on the way. So, close to home is my main priority. If I got in next year that would really be ideal, but I just was hoping for this year so I didn't have to hope anymore! I feel like this nursing school plan of mine is just kind of slipping away unfortunately. Good luck to you though. That's a bummer about being so low on the waitlist. Theoretically I was hoping to be in a for sure spot or not at all, just so I didn't have to stress about it all year until spring actually came (mainly because I'll have a new baby). But you never know! you might still have a chance
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    Mindistronnie, are you accepted for Fall at Ohlone as well?
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    I was accepted for the fall. I was surprised to get in. I figured I would have lousy luck.

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