Ohlone Fall 2013 RN program hopefuls - page 3

Anyone else getting anxious/excited to apply for Ohlone's Fall 2013 RN program?! I thought I would start a thread. Wondering how many people out there are applying for the program, since they require you to jump though so many... Read More

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    Well, we should know by Wednesday! Have a good weekend
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    hi everyone I looked up the conversation we had last year, and it looks like those admitted for fall and spring were emailed on May 1st. I'm not sure about the waitlisted/alternates. And the list wasn't posted to the website until the 9th. So we've got at least a few more days! good luck jstrawberry.. I remembered that username from last year, hopefully it will be our year
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    Yeah, I noticed that they found out on May 1 st last year. I can't wait!!!! YIPPY!!!!!!! Hopefully this will be our year, Ms Beck!!
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    Its May 1st, where is my email?!
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    I've been wondering the same thing ugh. hopefully we won't have to wait more than a day or two to at least hear that someone gets an email so we can put our minds to rest.
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    The anticipation is killing me...
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    It's 3:30pm and no email. I am now really nervous!
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    Has anyone heard anything?
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    i have not.. unfortunately they don't say when they're going to let us know so it could be the whole month of may we wait!! awful stuff
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    i was hoping to be out of the house all day so i wouldn't even have the option to keep checking but my baby's got the flu! so we've been at home all day and I just can't help myself :/

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