Ohlone Fall 2013 RN program hopefuls - page 2

Anyone else getting anxious/excited to apply for Ohlone's Fall 2013 RN program?! I thought I would start a thread. Wondering how many people out there are applying for the program, since they require... Read More

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    Yikes, I think I checked the door on the drop box like 5 times to confirm my application dropped before I could walk away (OCD much? LOL!). When you have put so much hard work into an application like Ohlone's you better make sure you put it in the right place!

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    I checked a few times as well! Was hoping we may have heard yesterday, now hoping for Monday!
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    Is it usually that early that the e-mails are sent out?
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    Looks like the last few years the students that got accepted were emailed around the 23rd!
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    No news yet...
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    I keep checking my email every hour (or more)! The longer I go without an email, the more nervous I get because they email the students not accepted much later than the students accepted.
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    Becoming a little obsessed checking my email! Every time there is no email I freak out a little, wondering if they already sent the email out to those accepted, and that means I didn't get accepted. I know the first semester students have clinicals today and Friday, so that must be keeping the teachers busy. Maybe we will hear on Monday then?
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    I know what you mean. The anticipation is kilingl me...
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    I guess we will be hearing something early next week....
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    I didn't hear anything either. I think we just have to be patient

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