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I finished school december 08, got CA license on June 09. Been looking around for new grad program around inland empire/OC/LA area but no luck. I'm still BLS cert'd and going to get my ACLS next week. Hopefully it will increase... Read More

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    I spoke last week w/a CHW recruiter about a job posting for M/S that asked for 1 year experience or new grad from May-August '09 only. When I spoke w/him about it, he states he limited it to brand new grads because otherwise, he'll receive 500+ applications. It's a way for him to cut back on applications from all the not-so-new grads that are applying.
    He states that perhaps after a year's worth of SNF experience, CHW might consider an RN for M/S. I guess it depends on the facility, the recruiter, and the floor manager.
    He also added that when looking at applicants, he takes into account if you did clinicals at their facility, went to a local school, and if you have a local address. He was not as familiar w/my school which, apparently, makes a difference in his mind.

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    We went to a Nurseweek Job Fair yesterday at Anaheim Convention Center. We were talking to a Nurse Recruiter for Tri city Medical Center and I was told that most likely i wont land a Job in Hospital setting since im a Foreign grad and that they require that you graduated within 6 months of Application and I graduated 2006 and i have some working experience abroad and just came here last year and passed my Nclex in June 2009 and I have been job hunting since then but no luck. she said I should try applying in SNF which is hard enought to get in since they dont like this "no experience" thing. I feel like heart broken inside and losing hope....its just kinda sad
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    I'd think you wouldn't have any problems getting into a SNF. I'm in the Bay Area and it seems some of the SNFs are starting to prefer RNs over LVNs given the choice. On my follow-ups, a number of facilities said they were currently only hiring RNs.
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    So this is true? If you are 6+ months past graduation you are no longer considered a new grad? Is this what most hospitals are doing or just CHW? I graduated in May passed my boards in July but I wasn't able to get into a new grad program in Jul/Aug. I'm hoping (scratch that I'm PRAYING) that I'll get into a Dec/Jan program. But if I don't does that mean I can no longer apply as a new grad? If that's the case, maybe I should relocate to another state
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    It's not necessarily true: it really depends on the facility as to whether you are considered a "new grad" or not. I've talked w/MANY recruiters and it varies from hospital to hospital - even within the same organization. Don't give up hope. If you are going to try for a Dec/Jan program, try to find out info about it NOW. I mean, get the name of a recruiter and/or nurse manager and find a way to TALK to them! Even try volunteering there. Get your name known to secure an interview.
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    Nikilaughs is absolutely right. I am in the same boat you are in. I graduated in May 2009 with honors and I am bilingual (English/Spanish) and I cannot get a job. This is the most discouraging thing I have experienced in my life thus far. I started in health care when I was around 13 years old as a companion, obtained my health aide cert. at age 15 and my CNA at 17. I worked as a CNA until 1997 when I moved to a different state and began office work as a bilinguist.
    Last year, from what I understand from instructors where I went, a local hospital which is (Novant Health) hired 600 new grads from our area to fulfill available postions (dr.s office, hospital,etc.) This year, they will only hire 60. They had open house, but we were told we didn't have to attend but could apply online. The few people that chose to go to open house, got hired. Those who did not go, did not get hired. Also, I think it helps if you have someone speaking for you internally (facility speaking).
    I have well over a 1,000 clinical hours and yet it counts for nothing.
    Everyone else (other than hospitals) want a years experience. How can we get that if noone will hire us.

    I search the web every day for hours on end looking for jobs that state "prefer 1 year experince." To me, the word prefer means, "we would like you to have experience but will still consider you if you don't.;" I must remain optimistic. It 'truly makes me sick to think I have been waiting on this for 20 years, I'm now a RN, and it don't mean a thing in the job market while there are 100's of jobs in my community for RN's and I cannot get hired.
    This is not only happening to me, but about 2/3 of our graduating class (who actually passed the NCLEX) does not have a job.
    One young lady received high grades (not honors) and an award for her clinicals and she still has no job.ou

    whatever you do, don't give up. I'm dong the flu clinic for Mollens Immunization. It is only seasonal (3-4 months), but I will be working as a RN and getting a lot of experience giving shots.
    Perhaps you should apply with them or search for a temp placement that is hiring for that.
    If you have too and can, get a job in homehealth or something and then after a year or so, you can be hired a hospital. All agencies around my area require 1 yr experience to do HH, Hopsice, and etc.
    Best wishes in your search

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