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National University - Los Angeles November 2012 Cohort - page 2

Hey Everyone! Just wondering who applied to the LA Nov. cohort? Just took the test yesterday, so good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    Anyone accepted join the NU Commons yet on facebook?
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    I accepted NU commons. Its pretty cool, haven't explored much into but there's a bunch of updates on new students, those who want to sell their textbooks as well as nursing info such as those who were accepted into the nursing program (mainly fm the SD & Fresno campus). I was hoping to find others who were accepted to LA Cohort 8 but no one seem to be on there.
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    Hey everyone who got accepted! Are you guys excited for orientation this week? I think it'd be nice to know everyone's name so when we see each other at orientation we can be like, "Hey! I know you from the forums!" haha. My name is Mariegrace. See you guys soon!
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    Hey guys,
    I am interested in applying for the next session. I wanted to see your opinion of the program. How are things going? Are you glad you chose this school? What is a typical day like?
    Thank you!!