MTSAC's lottery number (2010) - page 17

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I just received my lottery number and I am number 926! I applied November 2009. I just wanted to put the information on here so we can see how far we are along the list. I know that some people will pick other programs, change... Read More

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    I submitted my packet in May for the LVN to RN and I was told I am number 60 on the waitlist. I was also told they are not offering a transition class this Summer. Hopefully they offer it next Summer.
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    Twee- so you got in as an alternate for sure as #148? I am anxioulsy awaiting my letter EOM for my new lottery number. My last number was #266 so I'm praying that I get something similar to 148 this go around. I'd really like to start Spring of 2013....thanks!