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Moving to California

  1. 0 Hello all! First of all, I am from California, but moved to Florida 4 years ago. I am planning on moving back to California probably at the end of this year. I recently graduated from RN school last year, in June here in Florida. I got my RN license in Aug. I was onleave because I had a baby, but went back to work in October. I started working at a SNF, but in November found a job at a hospital. I work in Tele/PCU, and I love it. Before I was an RN, I was an LPN for 7 years. I was wondering, do you guys think I will have a hard time finding a job back in California? We have no family in Florida, because all my family, and my husbands family live in California. With the baby, we really need to relocate. I am so scared I will not find a job in California because I have friends that actually moved out of state because they do could not find a job. I am currently in BSN school, I will be tele certified, and will be ACLS certified, with 1 year acute care experience by the time we move. I'm just worried about finding a job. Any thoughts would be great! Thankyou!
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    I have a very similar question. My husband might be getting a job in the bay area - if so, we would be relocating there and I would be looking for a job. I have a year of experience on a tele/stepdown floor, I have my BSN, I can get ACLS. I wonder if it would be better to try to get a travel gig in that area first while I'm looking for permanent employment? Or would that hurt my chances more than help? Curious for everybody's thoughts, for both myself and Rshells
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    You'll find that having 2 years of experience + your BSN will help you find jobs easier opposed to 1. With 1 you can hop to cali, but itll still be difficult if you are looking at a the top 3 areas (Bay area, LA, sd)
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    Quote from zzbxdo
    You'll find that having 2 years of experience + your BSN will help you find jobs easier opposed to 1. With 1 you can hop to cali, but itll still be difficult if you are looking at a the top 3 areas (Bay area, LA, sd)
    Thanks for the input. I guess I'm just going to have to cross my fingers. I really can't wait another year. It's been really hard with no family support. Thank you!
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    Agreed: many places want to see 2+ years of experience, especially if you don't have a BSN yet. Agencies/registries may consider you with 1 year of experience.
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    I agree with zzxbdo to get more exp but I also think getting a travel assignment in CA would get your foot in the door. They are usually 13 wks assignment and if they like you then you can keep extending your contract. There is a time limit as to how long you can be on a travel contract-I think its a yr but because you plan to move there-that would not be an issue.
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    I might consider being apart from my husband for a year if it means being able to secure a better job when moving there (which would be miserable, but we've done it before and can do it again). Do hospitals normally hire on travel nurses if there's a permanent spot available, or is that against contract? The hospital I'm at now is notorious for giving permanent positions to travelers once their contract is up.

    I appreciate all of the input - it certainly helps as we begin looking more seriously into the issue as my husband is now finished with his degree.
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    You know what in nursing you do what you have to do. Yes hospitals do hire travelers for staff positions. I have heard of units being staffed mainly by former travelers as well as some of the NM and supervisors who were once travelers. Some travel agencies have stipulation that a fee has to be paid if the traveler becomes staff but that is rarely enforced. I think most hospitals would rather hire from inside instead of giving positions to travelers but if as a traveler you are doing a good job and is a good fit and because you are familiar with the organization then its more cost effective to go with the traveler. Good luck with your decision.