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Hello fellow nurses :-)I am a new graduate in NY from an accredited LPN/VN program, and I will be relocating to L.A. in mid Fall, after a few months of Dialysis nursing experience (accepting a job). ... Read More

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    Thank you all! I actually am in contact with the Nurse Recruiting MANAGER at UCLA who told me as soon as I havve my CA license, apply as they will take New grads or 6 month experience for Sr LVN .. fingers and gurtles crossed.I will probably also apply to every nearby Ltc, dialysis center and MedSpa.
    Awesome. I will apply myself.
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    Your best bet may be to look into a home health agency (ie, Maxim), assuming you have had your license for a year they hired my friend in Orange County at $17/hr.

    As far as RN programs, they are all impacted out here in socal. Many programs have a few hundred applicants for 40-75 spots for the 2 year RN, and maybe 25 spots for LVN to RN which come down to a lottery or point system. You have to have all your pre-reqs done, a good gpa, volunteer and/or work experience, and a little luck.

    I was licensed in early 2011 as a lvn (with no interested employers), I am doing caregiving right now (and will be contacting Maxim soon). But I start the 2 year RN program at Saddleback in the fall. You could look into Los Angeles City College?!

    Sorry for the disjointed message.

    Good luck Joey, it is tough but it should be worth it in the end!
    maxim will hire you as an lvn if you have had your license for a year? Will you need a year of lvn experience first?
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    I suppose I should mention (if it matters) that I have been a Medical Assistant / Technician for 6 years in many medical settings..I don't know if you have had previous medical experience prior to your LVN. I see many jobs on, craigslist, etc .. it may mean driving a few extra minutes but the jobs are there, seemingly...
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    Ive been a medical Assistant for a year and have worked as a caregiver/cna for an agency for 2 years. Still doing that as we speak. I apply to the new Craigslist Lvn job listing's every single time they get posted from La to OC. I have applied using indeed from LA To OC. Maxim Is an agency I see all the time but have never applied to. I have used literally every single job website but am told I'm not qualified when an employer sends me back an email. I drive to hospitals/snfs to apply as well. Maybe its just my luck but jobs for nurses with no actual nursing work experience are hard to come by; especially LVNs. Well, off to RN school I go!
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    @futurenurse310 I know she had a little more experience than I did and they questioned her experience but she has been working for them for over a month. I think she is in the Lake Forest office, but I am going to try one close to me in North OC. I here you, it is tough out there for a LVN. The whole circular logic of no experience and no one will hire without it causes a boatload of frustration. I also am working as a caregiver and I don't get steady hours and get paid $11-13.

    Much luck to you my friend!

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    Thnk you all!
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